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    Gas Masters to the rescue


    In 2020, for over 38 consecutive weeks, Weldcoa’s Gas Masters Team remotely trained and shared industry specific concepts related to fill plant operations to over 2,200 unique registrants in 11 different countries. In total, Weldcoa delivered 70 live webinars between April and December last year. 

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    At least six dead after liquid nitrogen leak


    At least six people were killed after a suspected liquid nitrogen leak at a poultry plant in the US state of Georgia on 28th January, according to officials.

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    Bruschi gets Managing Director role at Cavagna North America


    Cavagna Group has appointed Federico Bruschi as Managing Director of Cavagna North America, the manufacturer of equipment and fittings for compressed gases, gas storage and gas control.

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    Google ends Loon project


    Google has shut down its Loon project, which hoped to make giant helium balloons an alternative to cell towers in remote areas of the world.

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    Selecting on-site gas mixers for welding shield gases


    A common application for on-site gas mixing is creation of shield gas mixtures for welding. An on-site gas mixer may be used for one welder or hundreds of welders. On-site gas mixing allows the user to control the gas mixture from a single point; gas mixers with gas analysers improve ...

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    CO2 fundamentals and safety, part two


    Last month in part one of this article, we discussed the makeup of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and the four phases or states of matter for CO 2 that we typically deal with (solid, liquid, vapor, and supercritical fluid). On a pressure-temperature phase diagram we learned where these ...


    10 minutes with… Jim Herring


    Thanks for taking ten minutes with gasworld. What have we interrupted in your schedule today?

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    The US distributor type business


    It is hard to start any article regarding business in 2020 without mentioning the impact the management of the pandemic and the subsequent effect on the economy and markets. Like other parts of the industrial gas business, the US distributor type business (DTB) that includes packaged gases and hardgoods has ...

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    Telemetry innovations for gas users and suppliers


    The gas industry began using telemetry several years ago when suppliers developed technology for monitoring pressure differential in bulk gas systems. Having remote access to information provided great advantages to customers and suppliers, but there has been a hesitancy in some circles to embrace telemetry, perhaps because of unease about ...

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    Help is at hand


    Faced with changing demographics over the last decade where buyers are shifting to online shopping, further accelerated by our current global pandemic, the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC) is offering its members a way to improve their e-commerce strategy.

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    Meeting demands, staying innovative


    For Harris Products Group, a Lincoln Electric company, 2020 was a strong year for its specialty gas sector with an increased demand for products such as its changeover systems. In the last 12 months, Harris also provided critical help in setting up temporary hospitals to treat overspill patients suffering from ...

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    Options and limitations with digital strategies


    Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 are behind us, and they revealed several staggering statistics. Black Friday in-store shopping tanked by 52% while online spending surged 22%. Cyber Monday sales were expected to reach $13bn – a 60% increase from 2019’s $7.8bn. Yes, the pandemic has driven the dramatic increase ...

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    FIBA increases vaporiser production


    FIBA Technologies, Inc. has stepped up production of its vaporisers to meet demands from hospitals across the US and beyond.

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    New VMG manifold gets patent


    Vendor Managed Gas Telemetry (VMG) has had the patent accepted for its Automatic Reserve Fill Smart Manifold TM , a manifold that automatically switches over to the reserve cylinder, so you never need to worry about downtime caused from running out of product.

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    CGA, Chart explain how industry is meeting demand for medical oxygen


    The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and Chart Industries say the industrial gas industry is taking steps to ensure US hospitals do not run out of oxygen.

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    SYOXSA finds solutions to keep hospitals supplied with oxygen


    SYOXSA, Inc. is overcoming challenges to supply hospitals with life-saving oxygen needed to treat coronavirus (Covid-19) patients in the El Paso area of Texas, US.

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    Nikkiso sells turboexpander business line to Air Liquide


    Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries’ Clean Energy and Industrial Gases Group, a part of Japan-based Nikkiso Co., Ltd, has sold its Turboexpander Business Line to Air Liquide.

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    SuperFlash launches subsidiary LaserCore™


    SuperFlash LLC has launched a new subsidiary LaserCore™ which it says “will allow distributors to offer major fibre and carboin dioxide (CO 2 ) laser cutting consumables to their customers”.

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    Houston Plating & Coatings announces new cylinder plating processes


    Houston Plating Coatings (HP C) has developed new, proprietary electroless nickel (EN) processes and equipment to plate the internal surfaces of high-pressure gas cylinders.

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    Meritus Gas Partners, a new packaged gas distribution platform, is formed


    Gas Innovations and Atlas Welding Supply, in conjunction with a growth investment from AEA Investors’ Small Business Fund, have combined to form Meritus Gas Partners, a new packaged gas distribution platform.