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    Testing requirements for CO2


    In the developed world markets, such as the US, the lion’s share of merchant carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) product is sold to the food and beverage industries, often representing about 70% of total production, and the balance is industrial usage. Then, of this greater 70% food and beverage usage, ...

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    CO2 fundamentals and safety, part one


    The carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) molecule is composed of one carbon atom covalently bonded to two oxygen atoms. At less than 0.04%, carbon dioxide is still the fourth most common gas present in the earth’s atmosphere. Natural sources of CO 2 include volcanic outgassing, forest fires, biomass decay, ...

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    Computers Unlimited Users Group Conference


    The theme this year, A Digital Transformation , took on several different meanings at the Computers Unlimited/TIMS Software Annual Users Group Conference. For the first time in over 40 years of hosting an in-person event, customers, prospective customers, and vendors watched recorded sessions, listened in on live panel discussions, and ...

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    Cryogenic containers set for vital role


    One of the biggest influences on our lives and industry in 2021 will be the roll out of the coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine, and cryogenic containers are set to play a key role in a return to normality. Cryogenic shippers and equipment makers, as well as dry ice producers/distributors and equipment ...

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    Staying cool in a crisis


    Dry ice producers, distributors and equipment makers are bracing themselves for a spike in demand next year, with concerns there will be a tightening in the availability of dry ice for storage and distribution of coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines.

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    Business picks up in third quarter


    Hardgoods and gas revenues improved in the third quarter (Q3), according to the latest results of the Baird/gasworld Welding and Industrial Gas Survey.

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    Tenaris partners with Nel Hydrogen


    Tenaris has agreed a partnership with Nel Hydrogen for the development of a hydrogen truck refuelling network in California, US.

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    IWDC meets ‘demand for technical information’ with webinars


    The Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC) recently held its PurityPlus Operational Excellence Webinar Series, which offered IWDC members a chance to refresh skills in basic and advanced operational techniques.

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    VMG launches new smart manifolds


    Vendor Managed Gas Telemetry (VMG) has unveiled two new smart manifolds to work with its telemetry and leak tester products.

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    Covid-19 vaccine: cryogenic containers to play key role


    Cryogenic containers which use liquid nitrogen are set to play an important role in the storage and distribution of coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines.

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    gasworld launches weekly news bulletin


    gasworld has today launched a new weekly news bulletin of the key stories you need to know from across the global industrial gases business, as part of its gasworld TV platform.

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    Energía Costa Azul LNG project progresses


    Sempra Energy subsidiary ECA Liquefaction has reached a final investment decision (FID) for the development, construction and operation of the ECA LNG phase one natural gas liquefaction export project in Baja California, Mexico.

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    Covid-19 vaccine: Cold Jet urges dry ice business to upgrade equipment


    Leading dry ice specialist Cold Jet is urging the industry to upgrade its equipment and optimise production, as the hot topic of a Covid-19 vaccine continues to gather pace.

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    Covid-19 vaccine: Dry ice set for spike in demand


    Dry ice producers, distributors and equipment makers are bracing themselves for a spike in demand next year, with concerns there will be a tightening in the availability of dry ice for storage and distribution of coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines.

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    KAG acquires Fort Transfer


    Kenan Advantage Group, Inc. (KAG) says it has completed the acquisition of Fort Transfer Company, the third acquisition in three months by the truck transporter and logistics provider.

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    ConocoPhillips advances gas liquefaction process


    In response to the growing LNG market, ConocoPhillips has launched new innovations to further enhance the functionality of its Optimised Cascade natural gas liquefaction process, or OCP™ technology, which is currently licensed in 27 processing trains worldwide.

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    Baker Hughes buys Compact Carbon Capture (3C)


    Baker Hughes today (3 rd Nov) said it is buying Compact Carbon Capture (3C) as the American energy technology company looks to shift its portfolio towards greener fuels.

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    Changing helium landscape


    Coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed our lives and disrupted business, shifting demands since the start of the global pandemic in March. Helium entered 2020 in short supply, but has the impacted of Covid-19 changed the supply-demand balance? And what is driving demand?

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    Numerous challenges in helium exploration


    A decade’s worth of news stories on helium shortages and prices have led to a migration of oil gas exploration and production companies (E P) into the helium development space. For any newcomer, there is plenty of romance with helium. Its scarcity, rising prices and high-tech applications have ...


    Belief in the Ladder of success


    Durell Johnson’s career has come full circle. Twenty years after ending his association with the Ladder Creek Helium Plant, Johnson began 2020 as its new owner. Far from seeing it as a sentimental step back, Johnson has returned to complete a vision of making Ladder Creek one of the most ...