AMS Composite Cylinders Ltd has gained exclusive distribution rights to distribute Taiwanese firm Advanced Material Systems’ (AMS) medical gas cylinders across Europe.

Under the deal, of which financial details were not disclosed, AMS Composite Cylinders will distribute AMS’ advanced range of lightweight, high-performance, medical gas cylinders across the continent.

The low-weight, carbon composite cylinders work at 300 bar and are accredited for worldwide use. AMS cylinders are currently used by major gas industry suppliers and end-users in the European, North American, Asian and Australian markets.

AMS was formed in 2006 and is an expert in carbon fibre technology. It produces both standardised and customised carbon composite and aluminium cylinders for oxygen therapy applications including healthcare, respiratory, laboratory and environmental uses.

The vessels are manufactured to ISO standards in its dedicated, regulatory-compliant facility in Taipei, Taiwan.

Director James Cooper explained, “AMS cylinders provide an attractive alternative for gas industry suppliers, providing non-limited lifespan, market leading performance and significant weight savings in versatile, high-quality and cost-effective products.”

“Our advanced cylinders use cutting-edge materials and technology to deliver real, measurable benefits in terms of performance, value and lifespan over our competing products.”

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Source: AMS Composite Cylinders Ltd