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    Air Liquide Electronics gets leak detection upgrade


    Air Liquide Electronics has replaced two Ion Science gas leak detectors that have been in service at its Dallas site in the US for over 20 years.

  • sky atmosphere air gases

    Emerson launches Rosemount CT5800 gas analyser


    Emerson Automation Solutions (Emerson) has launched the Rosemount  CT5800 continuous gas analyser.

  • Analysers for unmanned asus

    An introduction to...Analysers for unmanned ASUs


    Cryogenic air separation – the most efficient method for the production of gaseous and liquid oxygen – can be modified to manufacture a range of desired products and mixes and typically calls for sequential steps.

  • Emissions Monitoring and Detection

    Servomex introduces SERVOPRO NOx analyser


    Servomex introduces its new SERVOPRO NOx analyser for continuous monitoring of industrial stationary sources emissions, as well as ambient air monitoring.

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    Witt’s flagship analyser turns 25


    Witt-Gasetechnik’s flagship analyser, the Oxybaby®, is celebrating its 25 th year in business.

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    Gasmet analyser retires after 20 years


    A Gasmet Technologies analyser that was purchased at the end of the last century has finally entered retirement.

  • work together

    North Park Innovations integrates Bacharach technology


    North Park Innovations, manufacturer of the iManifold® platform which allows HVAC contracters to accurately read data and diagnose sytmen issues, is now partnering with Bacharach, manufacturer of gas detection data solutions, monitoring and analysis instrumentation, to incorporate data from the Bacharach INSIGHT ® Plus combustion analyser into the iManifold cloud ...

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    New Cosmos Electric sets ambitious goals


    Based in Osaka, Japan, New Cosmos Electric develops a wide range of products including residential gas alarms, industrial gas alarm systems, portable gas detectors, and odour sensors. All of which incorporate the companies unique gas sensor technology.

  • Schubert & Salzer product

    Schubert & Salzer


    As a fast-growing high-tech company, Schubert Salzer Control Systems GmbH develops, produces and distributes highly precise control and stop valves. The company is part of the Schubert Salzer Group headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany, with subsidiaries in the Benelux, France, India, the UK and the US.

  • cylinder valves and pigtails

    The high-performance space of gas control equipment


    In an industry where safety and reliability are of critical importance, the correct regulators and valves are vital to help keep gases under control, with unwanted mixtures and accidental contaminations potentially leading to serious health and safety and environmental issues. 

  • Servomex SERVOPRO MultiExact 4100 analyzer

    Bulk and specialty gases


    Jim Belanger , Industrial Gas/Semiconductor Market Sector Manager at global gas analysis expert Servomex , shares his company’s perspective on the trends driving the latest technological developments in analysis and control in the industrial gases market.

  • ftir gas analysis image 1

    FTIR gas analysis


    FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) spectroscopy is the most popular analytical technology for industrial applications requiring the continuous measurement of multiple parameters simultaneously. Typically, FTIR analysers are employed for process control and emissions monitoring, however, due to the robustness and flexibility of this technique it can also be applied in a ...

  • pa 7.0 gas analyser witt

    Oxygen analysers and protective atmospheres


    In many industrial processes, even the smallest amounts of oxygen can cause major problems Many different kinds of oxygen analysers are available on the market to measure the oxygen content. But how do they work and what are typical applications? Here, WITT’s Alexander Kampschulte gives an overview on different ...

  • analysing co2 in the gases industry

    Analysing CO2 in the gases industry


    Carbon dioxide (CO2) quality begins with the raw feedstock, and even the ingredients and agents which go into this feedgas or feedstock – these agents can be substances such as the natural gas or coal which is combusted for flue gas, then downstream liquefaction and purification occurs.

  • measuring sulfur impurities in pure co2

    Measuring sulfur impurities in pure CO2


    In some applications such as food and beverages or the energy sector, carbon dioxide (CO2) is used and must have a high purity in order to deliver its very best properties. For example, adding CO2 during the bottling process in the beverage industry is required at the highest purity in ...

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    The new Rapidox 2100


    Cambridge Sensotec has updated its Rapidox 2100 oxygen gas analyser, adding some important enhancements.

  • Gastro04

    Bedfont among Future List's top 25


    Bedfont has been named as one of the top 25 companies in Kent set to change the way we live and do business.  

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    Pfeiffer Vacuum releases micro-flow product line


    Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG has released multiple products developed by its new subsidiary Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC) that eliminate the need for special tracer gases by using air as part of its leading leak testing technology.

  • Oxygen scales

    Analox launches flexible O2 monitor


    Analox Sensor Technology, a UK-based gas sensor specialist, has launched a new version of its Ax60+ analyser which is specifically designed to monitor oxygen (O 2 ).

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    MOCON unveils new headspace gas analyser


    MOCON, Inc., a gas analysis equipment manufacturer, has unveiled a new headspace analyser to significantly improve testing accuracy in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).