APT has introduced a new carbon dioxide system (CDS) which the Italian firm says makes CO2 analysis faster and easier.

Traditionally, CO2 impurity monitoring solution providers have combined a mix of several single parameter gas analysers and multicomponent gas chromatographs (GC’s) into a large dual-bay system cabinet to meet the ISBT standards, APT explained.

This approach has led to high-running costs for CO2 plant operators, APT said, most notably, a high degree of maintenance, consumable replacement costs, and frequent calibration requirements.

Mass spectrometers (MS) have also been applied, albeit in far fewer installations, the company added.

APT has introduced an innovative technique, FTIR analysis, to identify the chemical bonding present quickly and accurately in organic or inorganic complexes.

The FTIR analyser also provides a CO2 plant operator with the ability to measure nearly all the components required by IBST, APT said.

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The company said the most important features of the FTIR technology are:

  • Fast (two minutes) and accurate analysis of multiple gas parameters, including % CO2 purity
  • No consumables and low maintenance requirements
  • Remote service
  • No need for carrier or span calibration gases
  • Complete management via proprietary XGAS® Software

If required, APT can integrate the CDS cabinet in a shelter equipped with a gas leak detection system with acoustic and optical warning system, a bench for organoleptic and olfactory tests and a compressor and zero air generator.

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Source: APT