Transport and storage system company, Arcom, have proposed its range of modular bolted cages for gas cylinder transport and warehousing.

The cages, ARG2 and ARG20, are primarily designed for cylinders containing propane or other industrial gases.

Boasting a modular, foldable design, the space-saving cages are constructed from certified steel and are precision-engineered according to specific dimensions and requirements.

Developed through a lengthy design and implementation process, Arcom wanted to create a product that not only allowed for suitable and robust containment, but also kept employees safe while handling.

By investing millions of euros into laser cutting machines, Arcom was able to create a product that featured a smooth edge and zero burrs, 100% dimensional repeatability, and significant cost reduction due to increased efficiency.


ARG20 storage container.

ARG20 storage container.


Speaking about the disadvantages of other products in comparison with the Arcom modular design crates, Marcin Szymański, Sales & Marketing Director at Arcom, said, “Purchase price is still important, but modern procurement pays more attention to TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).”

“Buying cheap and weak is dangerous and expensive, many designs are overengineered and obsolete, with enormous steel wall thickness making the cages heavy not necessarily stronger, but certainly asking for more fuel to transport them.”

“With the advantage of laser cutting, we can produce strong and rigid structures that bring two significant savings to TCO: space-saving and being able to easily replace just one broken element.”

With the modular design providing the ability for end users to repair any potential broken elements there is no need to cut any parts off or re-coat with zinc. A spare part is delivered coated in zinc and ready for assembly.

Szymański continued, “Time, money, environment is important to those who use this solution, and it works!”

Recently celebrating their 25th anniversary, the Poland-based company thanks all of its staff and business partners. Arcom hope to sustain these strong relationships and continue to develop innovative new technologies while creating adaptable storage solutions.