Messer BH Gas and ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE have joined forces with the ambitious goal of becoming the exclusive carbon dioxide (CO2) supplier for Coca-Cola in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

ASCO has provided Messer BH Gas with a CO2 recovery plant to supply CO2 to Coca-Cola. The system, developed by ASCO, recycles CO2 from an earth source and prepares it for further carbonation of the globally popular beverage classic.

A subsidiary of the Messer Group, Messer BH Gas supplies countless customers in Bosnia-Herzegovina with a wide variety of industrial gases. ASCO, also a Messer subsidiary, specialises in the recovery of CO2 from various sources.

In a press release, ASCO explained the process, “To supply the required quantities of high-quality CO2, Messer BH Gas invested in a modern ASCO CO2 Recovery Plant. In this case, the CO2 raw gas is extracted from an earth source. For this purpose, a well of up to 500m is drilled into the soil. Thereupon, warm thermal water of 38°C as well as a high proportion of CO2 gas leak out into the air. Directly at the outlet of the well is a precipitator for separating the gas from the thermal water. The raw gas is then transported via a 200 m long pipeline to the ASCO CO2 Recovery Plant.”

In different purification steps, the CO2 is purified of various contaminants such as sulfur compounds and various hydrocarbons and then completely recovered and processed. Messer BH Gas then make sure the processed CO2 fully complies with the specification of the ISBT and the high purity standards of the Coca-Cola Company, which are regularly controlled by an independent laboratory. The recycled CO2 is then delivered to Coca-Cola for flowing into their beverage production as well as to other customers. The remaining thermal water is used for agriculture purposes.

ASCO Managing Director Marco Pellegrino is proud that Messer BH Gas has chosen ASCO as its partner for the implementation of the large-scale project. “In the complex field of CO2 recovery, we are able to meet the economic and ecological customer needs with innovative solutions. Thanks to our ASCO CO2 Recovery Plant, Messer BH Gas is able to meet the strict CO2 delivery times of the Coca-Cola Company. Furthermore, Messer BH Gas incidentally improves its CO2 balance,” he said.

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