Leading manufacturer Advanced Structural Technologies (AST) has obtained a certification (UN ISO 11119-2) from the Department of Transportation to design and manufacture its cylinders for high-pressure hydrogen gas storage.

Sold under the name H2-MAX, the cylinders will be designed for worldwide usage hydrogen storage and feature a larger diameter, allowing for fewer potential leak points.

Other advantages of AST’s storage vessels include its seamless, one-piece aluminium liner, allowing for an extended cylinder life due to its high heat tolerance and inherent leak-before-burst failure mode.

With its ability to fill faster in extreme temperatures, the H2-MAX also features advanced heat dissipation, reducing the need for chilling during the filling process and minimising the fuelling cost.

Commenting on the technology, Kevin Black, Engineering Manager, AST, said, “The large diameter for the H2-MAX allows for fewer cylinders, valves, and PRDs; thus, minimising potential leak points due to the reduced number of fittings and connection points required when compared to a traditional hydrogen storage system designed with conventional cylinders.”

Designed for hydrogen storage in zero-emission and sustainable mobility sectors, the cylinders have a service pressure of 350 bar (5,076 psi) and do not require replacement after exposure to high temperature.