The Selection Committee from this year’s ISA Automation Expo & Conference (AEC) included Atmos International’s non-intrusive pressure sensor in its Top 5 Innovations of 2018.

Non-intrusive pipeline pressure sensor at AEC 2018

Source: Atmos International

The non-intrusive pressure sensor’s ability to provide the field pressure data to support a robust leak detection system much faster than a traditional project without expensive installation costs impressed the AEC Selection Committee, made up of end-users who are automation, instrumentation and control systems professionals. The sensor attaches outside the pipe over the coating, eliminating the need to drill or weld on the pipeline.

“The unique non-intrusive pressure sensor arrives at an opportune time when pipeline operators are reinforcing their leak detection defenses,” says Peter Han, Business Development Manager at Atmos International. “It’s important to understand that leak detection is the most vital component in minimising the consequences of a pipeline leak. Especially as producers are adding more gathering networks and produced water pipelines thanks to the North America oil production booms.”

Combined with high-resolution data logging and proprietary digital signal processing algorithms, the non-intrusive sensor detects small pressure changes. As the sensor tracks progressive pressure changes that occur over long periods of time, it works with the Atmos leak detection software to allow the fast detection and location of small leaks.

About Atmos International

Atmos International provides pipeline leak detection and simulation technology to the oil, gas, water, and associated industries. The company was founded in 1995 in the UK by the inventor of the statistical pipeline leak detection system – Atmos Pipe, now one of a suite of leak detection solutions from Atmos.

These technologies are implemented on hundreds of pipelines in over 50 countries, for clients including major oil and gas companies such as Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, and Total. With associated offices in the USA, China, Russia, Singapore, and Costa Rica, and local agents in 28 countries, the multi- cultural and multilingual team can provide effective support all over the world.