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    Green hydrogen for gas turbines


    VERBUND has started construction on a pilot plant at the thermal power plant site in Mellach, Austria. The plant will be able to operate both as an electrolyser and as a fuel cell.

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    Linde consolidates hydrogen equipment operations


    To leverage its extensive expertise in the field of hydrogen fuelling technologies, Linde plc today said it had consolidated its hydrogen equipment operations under subsidiary Linde Hydrogen FuelTech Gmbh.

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    Summit on the Slopes: session three recap


    Heineken’s Nicolas Clerget and The Coca-Cola Company’s Rohit Thawani told gasworld’s CO 2  Summit about their end-users’ experiences in entertaining presentations here in Innsbruck, Austria.

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    Summit on the Slopes: sessions one and two recap


    Industry giants Air Liquide, Linde Engineering and Climeworks offered insight into leading the drive to alternative sourcing during the first two sessions at gas world’s CO 2  Summit here in Innsbruck, Austria.

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    CO2 Summit on the Slopes underway


    gas world’s CO 2  Summit 2019 is now officially underway with discussion focusing on the key issues in the carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) sector in Innsbruck, Austria .

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    CO2 Summit begins today


    Industrial gas professionals and high-profile end-users are beginning to gather at the stunning Interalpen Hotel Tyrol in Innsbruck, Austria, for gas world’s second CO 2  Summit.

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    Austria’s hydrogen Zillertal Railway


    Zillertal, a valley in Tyrol, Austria is on-track for a new hydrogen (H 2 ) railway which will make an important contribution to the Allps mobility future.

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    LNG ready to support energy policies in Europe


    Vienna was the perfect location for the European Gas Conference, hosted by the Energy Council, which took place this week from 28 th to 30 th January. The city was regarded as an ideal fit as it lies close to the intersection of several major natural gas pipelines, ...

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    Air Liquide signs H2 contract with Borealis


    Air Liquide has signed a long-term agreement with Borealis to receive the hydrogen (H 2 ) by-product of the dehydrogenation process associated with propylene production.

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    Tyczka Group reclaims shares of Tyczka Air Austria


    The Tyczka Group has repurchased a 43% stake in Tyczka Air Austria GmbH, which had previously been held by the Kuwaiti Gulf Cryo. This will make the Tyczka Group the sole shareholder of the company.

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    Construction starts at the world’s largest H2 pilot facility


    An EU-funded flagship project for a carbon dioxide (CO 2 )-reduced energy future and the decarbonisation of steel production is taking shape.

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    Regional markets – Focus on Western Europe


    UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Spain and Portugal (Iberia) in focus. By Rob Cockerill.

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    Anton Paar acquires Quantachrome


    Anton Paar, developer of high-tech measuring instruments in density, concentration, or dissolved CO 2 , has acquired Quantachrome Instruments, a family-owned company with a long tradition in the analytics business.

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    McPhy wins contract for Austrian methanation plant


    Dedicated hydrogen (H 2 ) solutions provider McPhy has been selected by RAG, the Austrian underground gas storage specialist, to supply the H 2 generation system for its highly innovative Underground Sun Conversion project.

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    Summit on the Slopes: Bridging the CO2 supply gap


    gas world’s inaugural CO2 Summit on the Slopes has drawn to a close here in Innsbruck, Austria, after exploring key trends and dynamics in today’s carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) market.

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    CO2 Summit on the Slopes underway


    gas world’s CO2 Summit is getting underway in Innsbruck, Austria, with around 100 delegates dedicated to the carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) space gathering to discover the latest movements in the industry.

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    CO2 Summit on the slopes on the horizon


    gas world’s inaugural CO2 Summit kick starts tomorrow, with industrial gas professionals beginning to gather at the unique Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol in the heart of the Austrian slopes.

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    World's largest green H2 plant


    Voestalpine, Siemens and VERBUND are building a pilot facility for green hydrogen (H 2 ) at the Linz location.

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    Regional markets – Focus on Western Europe


    Undoubtedly one of the biggest stories in Europe in 2016 was the ‘Brexit’, as Britain voted in a referendum to leave the European Union (EU) and speculation swirled as to whether that could cause a ripple effect throughout a number of the 27 remaining countries in the union.

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    IONICON launches world’s smallest VOC analyser


    IONICON Analytik, a trace gas analyser developer, has launched the world’s smallest, commercial high-resolution proton transfer reaction – time-of-flight mass spectrometry (PTR-TOFMS) instrument for volatile organic compound (VOC) monitoring.