The American Welding Society has launched a new initiative to target students and early career welders.

Dubbed “AWS Certified”, the initiative hopes to ensure that a next generation of a welding workforce is developed.

For over a century, AWS has been supporting the advancement and standardisation of welding and allied joining and cutting practices, and those who have been in the welding industry understand the value of an AWS Certification credential. 

The AWS Certified initiative shines a light on the importance of AWS Certifications. 

Becoming AWS Certified ensures that as the next generation of our welding workforce is developed, the integrity of how welding processes and procedures are performed will remain as consistent as our century-young organisation.

“Members of the welding community genuinely care about the technology and skill sets required to inspect welds and weld correctly, and they’re eager to learn more about the intricacies of their trade. Each AWS Certification they get is a badge of honour,” said Denny Smith, Managing Director, Certification.

“Being AWS Certified shows you’re proud to be in this industry, and it requires you to master the skills that uphold our industry standards. It gives you credibility and respect among your peers,” added Nate Bowman, Director of Welding Optimisation & Education at Central Welding Supply. “Welding education is the key to success in the industry.”


Source: AWS