BOC is launching its innovative, new eco-friendly FROSTCRUISE® truck and trailer refrigeration system – following years of successful trails.

Providing a significantly more environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable cryogenic alternative to diesel-powered mechanical refrigeration, the FROSTCRUISE system was developed by BOC and its parent, The Linde Group. The environmental benefits of FROSTCRUISE include: zero operating carbon footprint and zero emissions (particulate, NOx and CO2) at the point of delivery and a 64% reduction in total carbon footprint compared to an equivalent diesel-mechanical refrigeration system.

Awarded the Noise Abatement Society’s quiet delivery certificate Piek award, FROSTCRUISE has near silent operation at 56 dB. This means that the truck can be used for deliveries 24/7, even in urban areas where laws often limit noise to 60–65 dB between the hours of 10pm and 6am – a level that diesel-operated refrigeration systems are unable to reach without extensive acoustic insulation packages.

FROSTCRUISE is effectively an on demand refrigeration system, using liquid nitrogen (LIN) at -196°C to indirectly chill the air in the truck compartment using a heat exchanger, delivering exceptionally fast temperature cool-down and ensuring accurate temperature control for the highest levels of food quality and safety.

FROSTCRUISE can reduce a typical trailer air temperature from ambient to 2°C within eight minutes, less than half the time of a mechanical refrigeration system. It also has the ability to maintain accurate product temperature despite multiple delivery stops.

Existing diesel powered refrigeration systems often require the driver to run the fridge in continuous mode whilst delivering goods or after off-loading. This can lead to increased fuel consumption, noise pollution and further emissions. As the FROSTCRUISE system is not reliant on an engine, the load remains chilled regardless of conditions.

While today marks the announcement of its full commercial launch, FROSTCRUISE has been a number of years in development. It has been extensively trialled with some of the UK’s leading players in the food industry.

Nathan Palmer, BOC Director of Bulk and Packaged Gas, said, “We are delighted to introduce FROSTCRUISE to the UK and Ireland chilled transport market. BOC is committed to providing innovative, cost effective solutions that minimise the impact and maximise the effectiveness of our customers’ store deliveries.”

“We have worked in partnership with M&S and GIST to evolve the product to where it is today and I’m very pleased to announce that M&S recently purchased another 13 new trailers with BOC’s FROSTCRUISE in them.”