An essential part of any liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier, Burckhardt Compression Laby-GI fuel gas compressor systems has passed one million operating hours for MAN ME-GI engines.

The compressors are designed to help manage operating pressures of engines and re-liquefaction plants onboard LNG carriers.

This management is necessary as, due to boil-off gas being produced as the LNG warms up during storage and transportation, it must be used either as fuel or become re-liquefied.

The Laby-GI compressors achieve this by being specifically designed to handle gases at low temperature and high pressure while also meeting the requirements for operation at sea.

Complete with sophisticated cryogenic, low-pressure labyrinth piston design and advanced ring-sealed high-pressure technology on a single compress frame, the Laby-GI Compressor allows for fuel gas supply and high-pressure gas supply.

The fuel gas is supplied to low-pressure 4-stroke auxiliary engines while high-pressure gas is supplied to 2-stroke main engines and a dedicated high-pressure re-liquefaction system simultaneously.

In addition to the standardised solution offering a lubricated and oil-free compression, a gas-tight design means that no methane emissions are discharged to the atmosphere.

This design also helps prevent significant greenhouse gas emissions by recycling all internal leakages without any need for further purge gas utilisation.