CAIRE Inc. has increased production to meet the rapidly increasing demand for its oxygen therapy solutions as the world combats coronavirus (Covid-19).

Source: AirSep

Standard line of AS Series units and Self-Contained oxygen generators

CAIRE Inc., headquartered in Ball Ground, Georgia in the US, has been a global manufacturer of oxygen supply equipment for more than 50 years and its portfolio, marketed under the AirSep®, CAIRE®, HELiOS™ and SeQual® brands, includes portable and stationary oxygen therapy devices and turnkey on-site generation commercial solutions for hospitals and home care. 

CAIRE has reacted to a big spike in demand for its oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen vessels and generators by adding production shifts and extending hours across its facilities worldwide.

Earl Lawson, CAIRE President and CEO, said, ”As the Covid-19 virus has spread in recent weeks, we have seen a dramatic increase in demand for stationary oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen vessels and commercial generators from our customers globally – particularly from those who are providing emergency aid in pandemic hotzones. Administering highly-concentrated oxygen therapy, delivered via a nasal cannula to an infected person, is one of the key supportive medical therapies identified by the World Health Organisation to bring relief and healing to individuals whose respiratory function has been severely impacted by the virus.

“While most people with Covid-19 develop only mild or uncomplicated illness, approximately 14% develop severe disease that requires hospitalisation and oxygen support, and 5% require admission to an intensive care unit.

Source: CAIRE Inc

Portable and stationary oxygen therapy products from CAIRE

“The company has responded quickly to meet the rapidly increasing demand for its oxygen therapy solutions. With a heightened level of focus and intensity, CAIRE has added production shifts, extended work hours and is expanding production lines to address the increased need for oxygen equipment in its manufacturing facilities in Ball Ground, Georgia, Buffalo, New York, and Chengdu, China. Appropriate resources are also being allocated at its service and distribution facilities in Anjo, Japan; Langenfeld, Germany; Padova, Italy; San Diego, California; and Wokingham, UK.

“CAIRE’s employees are in ongoing communication with our healthcare partners, our suppliers and local, state and government officials to ensure continuity of business and optimise access to our technologies.”

CAIRE says it took prompt action during the early days of the outbreak in China, and has introduced strict measures at its production facilities.

Lawson added, “When early reports began to surface regarding the highly-contagious coronavirus in Asia, CAIRE took swift action at its Chengdu location to comply with safety and quarantine recommendations made by the Chinese government. We learned valuable lessons in our China facility, that we have applied all around the globe to ensure continuity of supply of this critical equipment. Our decisive action enabled our production team in Chengdu to resume work in early February after a short down period, which is now making a difference in serving our European customers. 

“Following the increase of virus cases in the US and Europe, CAIRE leadership made the decision to send all non-production CAIRE employees based at all of our facilities to work remotely while continuing all core business operations; and the remainder of employees in these plants continue production, but with new safeguards to protect them from potential exposure to the virus. These safeguards include regular screening before entering the facilities, heightened hygiene and sanitisation schedules within the facilities, and structured social distancing on the manufacturing floor and in common areas.”

CAIRE offers a wearable portable oxygen concentrator designed for the individual suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease to the commercial turnkey on-site oxygen generation system supporting the variable needs of a medical facility.