Calvera’s equipment for the transport of high pressure gases by road has been key to the European BIG HIT Project (Building Innovative Green Hydrogen Systems in an Isolated Territory: a pilot for Europe), which was launched in the Scottish Orkney archipelago.

This project demonstrates the viability of hydrogen (H2) technology for the efficient management of renewable energy sources beneficial to businesses, communities, and the environment alike.

The five trailer trucks developed by Calvera Industrial Group are one of the basic pillars of BIG HIT. This project was started in May 2016 and for 6 months will involve 12 partners from 6 countries. Its budget is €10.9m, with €5m coming from the European Commission through the Fuel Cells Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU).

The Orkney Islands has the perfect conditions to implement this project (56 MW of installed wind, wave and tidal capacity generating over 46 GWhr per year of renewable power, out of which 30% is curtailed by grid capacity restrictions), and the local population will see their energy needs met while its demonstrative capacity at an international level will be recognised.

BIG HIT builds on foundations laid by the Surf’ n’ Turf’ initiative which had CALVERA as a partner.

Calvera supplies equipment for clean power project in Scotland

These systems entail a series of benefits such as a reduction in greenhouse gases (300 tonnes less per year), the creation of jobs related to renewables, H2 and fuel cells, and better acceptance of this technology by local communities. Additionally, it helps to stop depopulation in the territory as well as meet the European Union research and decarbonisation targets.

BIG HIT Project

Source: Calvera