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  • CO2 Cylinders

    Messer steps up to meet CO2 demands in Brazil


    Messer Americas has increased its carbon dioxide (CO2) supply capabilities for industrial gas customers in the South, Southeast and Midwest regions of Brazil to meet growing demands.

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    CO2Concrete rebrands as CarbonBuilt


    CO2Concrete has rebranded as CarbonBuilt to better align its mission to store significant amounts of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) in concrete used for the built environment.

  • Co2

    Virtual CO2 Summit: No severe CO2 shortages expected for Europe


    Jennifer Willis-Jones, Head of FW Nitrogen at CRU, said she is not expecting a European squeeze on CO2 availability considering the ammonia forecast at the recent gas world CO2 Virtual Summit.

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    Work continues at Carbon Engineering’s Innovation Centre


    Construction at Carbon Engineering’s Innovation Centre has been progressing swiftly.

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    Major milestone achieved at CO2-to-methanol plant in China


    The complete process design package for a first-of-its-kind 110,000 tonnes per year CO2-to-methanol plant has been delivered to the site location in Anyang, China.

  • Aranet4 Home Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    CO2Meter to distribute Aranet indoor air quality monitors


    CO2Meter has announced a new partnership with leading IoT innovator SAF Tehnika to distribute Aranet devices in North America.

  • Cement plant

    Deep decarbonisation of cement production


    Some industries are considered ‘difficult to decarbonise’. Iron and steelmaking is one example. Cement is another. Yet oxyfuel burner technology and hydrogen electrolysers are showing the way, writes Stephen B. Harrison in an exclusive for gasworld.

  • Covid vaccines and dry ice

    Virtual CO2 Summit: Dry ice safety in focus


    Dry ice safety was a key focus this afternoon as part of gas world’s virtual CO2 event, held at a time when demand is arguably higher than ever due Covid-19 vaccine storage and transportation needs.

  • DRAX Biomass-fired power plant

    Hydrogen and CCS – Building blocks for a low-carbon future


    “Hydrogen is essential for decarbonisation.” That is the strongly held belief of Dan Sadler, UK Low Carbon Strategy Director at Equinor, expressed in an interview with Stephen B. Harrison for gasworld.

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    Clarkson: Dry ice now a mission critical industry


    Dry ice operations have pivoted from traditional market channels to a mission critical industry, Patty Clarkson, Analox Americas President told gasw orld’s latest Capturing Carbon Trends webinar, sponsors by Cold Jet.

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    Capturing Carbon Trends Part 2 – Are you registered?


    In less than 24 hours, gas world’s Capturing Carbon Trends Part 2, sponsored by Cold Jet, will continue the discussion and debate in the CO2 business.

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    Covid vaccines and dry ice


    Turn the clock back 12 months and the dry ice business was one of the hot topic growth spots for the gases industry and an area of cool optimism against a backdrop of lingering CO2 tightness in some regions. Now, however, it’s the hot topic as 2021 gets underway and ...

  • Shell

    Blue hydrogen and CCUS


    How the Shell Blue Hydrogen Process (SBHP) is helping heavy industries, refiners and resource holders to meet their net-zero emission ambitions – and providing new opportunities in CO2 utilisation and supply.

  • Marine and aviation fuels are emerging applications of CO2

    Emerging carbon dioxide utilisation applications


    Carbon dioxide capture from emissions sources will increase by several orders of magnitude between now and 2050, as the world decarbonises fossil fuel usage. Much of that captured carbon dioxide (CO2) will be sent underground for permanent storage in geological formations, and much of it will be utilised for emerging ...

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    The CO2 business in 2021


    Here we are, deep into the Covid-19 infection, which has in some ways helped some industries and crippled others. When thinking of carbon dioxide (CO2) sources and activities this year, I projected growth among many industries to be about 3% this year. We have a number of industries which may ...

  • Cannabis is grown under artificial light

    Cannabis: Still a market high in CO2 utilisation?


    Carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential throughout the professionally managed cannabis value chain, with major applications in growing and processing. In some cases, it is also used for trimming and freeze-drying. New pharmaceutical registrations and the loosening of recreational cannabis regulations will be major drivers of growth in carbon dioxide utilisation ...

  • CO2_interview 1

    CO2 supply and applications


    One of the first major investments by Nippon Gases Europe upon completing its purchase of the Praxair Gases Europe business in December 2018, was the construction of a £9.5m ($12.1m) carbon dioxide (CO2) import and distribution terminal at Warrenpoint Port, Northern Ireland.

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    Gottwald: CGA confident CO2 supply will meet dry ice demand for Covid-19 vaccine


    “There has been a lot of challenges with getting the Covid vaccines out, but we have not seen on story around the lack of availability of dry ice. The industry is stepping up.”

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    Capturing Carbon Trends – Are you registered?


    The hot topic of Covid-19 vaccines and dry ice demand will be explored today (29 th Jan) in the first part of a brand-new series on gasworld TV.

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    APT introduces new carbon dioxide system


    APT has introduced a new carbon dioxide system (CDS) which the Italian firm says makes CO2 analysis faster and easier.