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    Preview: Dry ice in food and beverages


    There are two primary ways dry ice is used in the food and beverage industry: cold chain management and in food processing. A solid form of carbon dioxide, dry ice is used for cooling during the transport of many types of food items. Its unique characteristics make it a more ...

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    A circular approach to the shape of our future


    Hydrogen rightly courts all of the attention today when we talk about the clean energies transition and green industrial revolutions. It’s the fast-emerging darling of the energy sector, it’s enjoyed an incredible year in terms of momentum, and I do firmly believe it’s about as close to a silver bullet ...

  • Boris Johnson

    UK PM backs CCS and hydrogen in 10-point plan


    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday unveiled his £12bn 10-point plan, highlighting the significant role that carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen will play in a green industrial revolution.

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    Countdown on to gasworld virtual event


    The countdown is on to gas world’s inaugural virtual event, with less than two weeks to go until the online conference gets underway.

  • Virign

    Virgin selects Carbon Engineering as its new sustainability partner


    Virgin Group has today launched its new rewards club, Virgin Red, through which members can directly support the development of Carbon Engineering’s direct air capture (DAC) technology.

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    Ionomr Innovations receives funding for CO2 to green fuels project


    Vancouver-based Ionomr Innovations has received $240,692 from the National Research Council of Canada (NCR) to accelerate the development of its technology which converts carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into renewable fuels and chemicals.

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    Covid-19 vaccine: Cold Jet urges dry ice business to upgrade equipment


    Leading dry ice specialist Cold Jet is urging the industry to upgrade its equipment and optimise production, as the hot topic of a Covid-19 vaccine continues to gather pace.

  • CO2 Concept

    Consortium to advance membrane technology for reduced carbon capture costs


    GTI, The Ohio State University, Wyoming Integrated Test Centre (ITC), and Trimeric will advance Ohio State’s transformational membrane technology to provide reductions in CO2 capture cost and energy penalties.

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    Covid-19 vaccine: Dry ice set for spike in demand


    Dry ice producers, distributors and equipment makers are bracing themselves for a spike in demand next year, with concerns there will be a tightening in the availability of dry ice for storage and distribution of coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines.

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    Høglund and HB Hunte develop new technology


    Høglund Marine Solutions and HB Hunte Engineering have developed a breakthrough tank concept for CO2 transportation, based on existing, proven technology.

  • Low CO2

    Cemex and Carbon Upcycling partner


    CEMEX and Carbon Upcycling are working together to improve the processing of residue or by-products of industrial processes by capturing CO2 emissions to produce nanomaterials.

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    Baker Hughes buys Compact Carbon Capture (3C)


    Baker Hughes today (3 rd Nov) said it is buying Compact Carbon Capture (3C) as the American energy technology company looks to shift its portfolio towards greener fuels.

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    Air Products to showcase at 3rd China International Import Expo


    Air Products will showcase its technology, equipment and sustainable solutions on hydrogen for mobility, gasification and carbon capture at the 3 rd China International Import Expo (CIIE 2020) in Shanghai.

  • 0% CO2 Concept

    White paper calls for CCS support in Canada


    A new white paper, titled Incentivising Large-Scale CCS in Canada, has been published to kickstart support for carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCS) in Canada.

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    LafargeHolcim and Carbon Clean to develop large scale CCUS plant


    Carbon Clean, the world’s largest cement maker LafargeHolcim, ECCO2 and Sistemas de Calor will together develop a large-scale carbon capture and utilisation plant in Spain.

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    Central McGowan expands Fargo CO2 distribution hub


    Central McGowan is expanding its Fargo, North Dakota, carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) distribution hub to be a fully-stocked retail store and distribution site.

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    Wyoming CO2 pipeline moves forward


    Plans for a carbon dioxide (CO2) pipeline corridor in the US state of Wyoming have taken a step forward today with the Bureau of Land Management’s release of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

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    Energy firms to develop carbon storage in the North Sea


    BP, Eni, Equinor, National Grid, Shell and Total have joined forces to develop offshore carbon dioxide (CO2) transport and storage infrastructure in the UK North Sea, under the name Northern Endurance Partnership.

  • oct 26

    NETL converts CO2 from chemical buildings to fuel


    NETL researchers are using advanced computational tools to repurpose carbon dioxide (CO2) from a waste product into chemical building blocks to manufacturer fuels and a range of other high-value items.

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    Australia and Singapore to work together on CCUS


    Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) is a priority area of a new deal signed today (26 th Oct) by Australia and Singapore, as the two countries look to advance cooperation on low-emissions technologies and solutions.