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  • CE’s pilot plant Direct Air Capture system. Shown are the calciner (left) and air contactor (right)

    PBDE and Carbon Engineering partner on UK-based DAC project


    A new partnership between Pale Blue Dot Energy (PBDE) and Carbon Engineering is working to deploy direct air capture (DAC) technology in the UK, marking the first partnership between a DAC technology company and UK development partner.

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    Shopify to purchase Carbon Engineering DAC technology


    Carbon Engineering and Shopify have announced a commitment for carbon dioxide (CO2) to be permanently removed from the atmosphere on the behalf of Shopify using Carbon Engineering’s direct air capture (DAC) technology.

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    Oxford Performance Materials joins carbon capture project


    Materials science company Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) has entered into a cooperative research and development agreement with ORNL UT-Battelle, Volunteer Aerospace, and RTI International to improve the energy efficiency of two-phase exchange industrial chemical processes, with a focus on carbon capture systems.

  • Green CO2 Concept

    Senator Gardner applauds carbon capture advancements


    US Senator Cory Gardner, a member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, has applauded the US Department of Energy’s effort to support ION Clean Energy’s carbon capture project with a $13m grant.

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    Air Liquide finalises deal with Sasol


    Air Liquide has finalised an agreement with Sasol to acquire the biggest oxygen production site in the world with a plan to reduce its carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions by 30%.

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    Audi partners with Climeworks on DAC project


    Last month, gas world reported that Swiss direct air capture (DAC) company Climeworks said it will construct a new plant in Iceland that will be able to permanently remove 4,000 tonnes of CO2 from the air per year.

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    Sasol looking to develop CO2 utilisation technologies


    Energy and chemicals company Sasol is currently looking for partners to help develop CO2 utilisation technologies for its South African operations.

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    Maersk Drilling invests in carbon neutral drilling technology


    Maersk Drilling has entered into an agreement to invest $1m in California-based Clean Energy Systems to help develop a new technology which it believes could help customers move towards carbon-neutral drilling.

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    Decarbon8-US supports decarbonisation technology companies


    Seattle-based investment company E8 has said it will invest in three start-up companies that will boost carbon capture, hydrogen fuel infrastructure and electric vehicle adoption.

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    New study shows significant potential for CCUS in Wyoming


    The US Department of Energy has completed a carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) study for several Wyoming coal-fuelled power plants, highlighting significant benefits for such technologies.

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    University of Newcastle develops carbon capture nanotechnology


    Scientists at the University of Newcastle in Australia said they have used tiny structures found in clay as a ‘template’ to create a new material capable of capturing carbon dioxide emissions.

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    Carbon Clean Solutions unveils new brand identity


    Carbon capture and separation technology specialist Carbon Clean Solutions has launched its new corporate brand identity, including a name change, a new tagline and a fresh clean look.

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    FPX Nickel tests carbon capture potential for Baptiste Nickel Project


    Vancouver-based nickel mining company FPX Nickel Corp has begun the first-ever field tests designed to confirm the potential for the development for a low- or zero-carbon mining operation at its Baptiste Project in the Decar Nickel District in Central British Columbia.

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    $72m for carbon capture technologies


    The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced approximately $72m in federal funding to support the development and advancement of carbon capture technologies.

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    Carbon Capture of the Ocean project launched


    The “world’s first” marine-based demonstration test of carbon capture is set to take place on Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha’s coal carrier as part of a two-year project titled Carbon Capture of the Ocean (CC-Ocean).

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    In conversation with… DNV GL


    “The challenge with hydrogen is not the ambition level but more about changing the timeline from being a prospect in the long-term future to something we can do today.”

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    NETL releases carbon capture summary


    National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has released a technical summary of its carbon capture programme to allow stakeholders learn more about its activities.

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    NETL developing carbon capture technologies


    National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) researchers have developed a method to custom-formulate low-cost membranes to more effectively separate carbon dioxide from nitrogen in a high volume of flue gas.

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    Climeworks, ON Power, Carbfix to significantly scale up CO2 removal


    Swiss direct air capture (DAC) company Climeworks has signed groundbreaking agreements with carbon storage pioneers Carbfix and Icelandic geothermal energy provider ON Power to lay the foundation for a new plant that it says will significantly scale-up carbon removal and storage in Iceland.

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    Wireless device makes clean fuel from sunlight, CO2 and water


    University of Cambridge researchers have developed a standalone device that converts sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into a carbon-neutral fuel, without requiring any additional components or electricity.