The Carbon Capture & Storage Association (CCSA) is set to boost the UK’s net zero goals with its joining of the UK Energy Supply Chain (UKESC) taskforce.

As the UK prepares to transition towards a greener economy, more companies are starting to push towards net zero emission targets. UKESC was developed to help UK companies cope with this transition, assisting them with the development of key technologies and skills that will are and will be required in the future.

Having already helped thousands of business nurture these key sectors, the CCSA will also identify and support the growth of competitive new capabilities to meet the future needs demanded by a green economy.

In addition, the taskforce will utilise its experience and knowledge to place the UK as a front runner in the development of green energy technologies, allowing for international export to help meet global decarbonisation goals.

Speaking about the CCSA’s commitment, Olivia Powis, Head of UK Office, CCSA, said, “CCUS will form an important part of the future energy supply chain and due to geographical advantages and world-leading skills and expertise, the UK has a unique opportunity to become a global leading in the development of CCUS.”

She added that, by working together, the strengthening of the UK’s supply chain will provide a significant amount of domestic jobs and growth, while also creating important export opportunities for UK companies in a global market estimated to be worth several hundreds of billions of pounds by 2050.

Set to be “technology-agnostic”, the taskforce will cover all energy sectors and areas of the UK, providing a voice for the entire UK energy supply chain.

Commenting on UKESC, Graham Stuart, Minister for Exports, Department for International Trade, said, “The taskforce will be a joint enterprise between industry and government which will guide policy making so that as many jobs and businesses as possible are created in the UK.”

Stuart also said that domestic delivery and international sales are intertwined and UKESC will do everything it can to deliver on both fronts.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Energy Minister, co-chair, UKESC Taskforce, emphasised that the government’s commit to levelling up every corner of the UK and supporting key government policies like the North Sea Transition Deal will be central to the work of the UKESC Taskforce.

The Energy Industries Council (EIC) will provide the secretariat.