The first delivery of LNG fuel for Hummel, which is a 100-metre long hybrid barge that generates low-emission electric power for cruise ships while docked in Port of Hamburg, has been achieved by Chart and Becker Marine Systems.

The first ISO container of LNG fuel for Hummel was formally delivered to Becker Marine Systems at the Blohm+Voss shipyard in Hamburg on 17th December 2014 – from the Fluxys LNG terminal in Zeebrugee.

Hummel uses LNG fuel to produce and deliver shore electrical power, resulting in zero emissions of SOx and particulates and significant reductions in NOx and CO2 compared with diesel-fuelled generators.

Three Chart ISO containers are used as exchangeable LNG fuel tanks on board Hummel and a Chart Gas Processing Unit delivers the natural gas to the marine-classified engines.

The barge is expected to come into full operation in Spring 2015, just in time for the start of the cruise season.