Chart Energy & Chemicals, a subsidiary of Chart Industries, will provide 12 brazed aluminium plate fin heat exchangers (BAHX) for Babcock’s ecoSMRT® liquified natural gas (LNG) boil-off gas recovery system.

Babcock ecoSMRT graphic Chart

Babcock ecoSMRT graphic Chart

Source: ecoSMRT® courtesy of Babcock LGE

Boil-off gas recovery is fundamental to increasing cost efficiencies and environmental credentials of LNG ship fleets.

Babcock’s patent-pending ecoSMRT® can be installed on new vessels and retro-fitted on to older ships. It can be deployed on large and small carriers as well as bunkering vessels.

The multi-stream capability enables an ecoSMRT® plant to incorporate single mixed refrigerant (SMR) cooling within the BAHX, which removes the need for a separate refrigeration plant. The turndown capability of BAHX enables ecoSMRT® to operate at 30% to 100% reliquefaction capacity to match the boil-off gas system requirements.

Engineers at Babcock and Chart ensured the system is as compact and lightweight as possible.

“Chart prides itself on being at the vanguard of LNG technology and we are delighted with this latest award and the opportunity to team up with Babcock LGE and assist in introducing a highly innovative solution into the marketplace,” said George Arnett, Chart Energy & Chemicals, Inc. VP Global Energy Sales & Marketing.

“Babcock’s recent ecoSMRT® contract to Chart highlights our ongoing collaboration within the LNG market,” said Neale Campbell, Babcock LGE Managing Director.

“Similarly, Babcock is developing an increasing footprint across the LPG, ethane and ethylene carrier markets through our supplementary technologies.”

Chart Industries pioneered the use of BAHX for cryogenic gas processing in the 1950s and there are 500 BAHX in LNG service around the world. Chart claims to be the first to produce LNG on-board a floating vessel.