Chart Industries on Thursday (5th August) launched ChartWater™ to bring innovative water treatment solutions to market.

Part of the company’s Speciality Products segment, ChartWater™ solidifies Chart’s position in the growing water treatment space and establishes a framework for organic and inorganic expansion.

The division was born out of Chart and BlueInGreen’s water treatment commitments.

On the formation, Jill Evanko, President and CEO of Chart Industries, said, “We recognise the importance and magnitude of the challenges at the nexus of society’s clean energy and clean water needs globally.

“ChartWater™ was born out of Chart and BlueInGreen’s (“BIG”) shared commitment to providing solutions to these challenges.”

Acquired by Chart in November 2020, BlueInGreen continues to be based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, and was named one of the fastest-growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine in August last year.

Commenting on the ChartWater news, Chris Milligan, President and CEO of BlueInGreen, said, “ChartWater™ is more than just a name.”

“It is an investment in Chart’s ongoing commitment to develop, acquire, and provide a portfolio of premier solutions and world-class expertise to help our customers meet their ESG goals. And water is a BIG (pun intended) part of that.”

Evanko continued, “Energy production consumes a tremendous amount of fresh water, and the production of clean water consumes a tremendous amount of energy. You can’t ignore the energy-water nexus if a core element of your growth platform is enabling society’s transition to a low-carbon economy.”

“We see a tremendous opportunity to not only continue to grow existing markets for these water treatment solutions, but to also leverage our work in other areas – like LNG, hydrogen, biogas, and carbon capture – to provide an even more integrated solution for our customers.”