ChartWater™ is teaming up with researchers at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education to support the development of new water treatment processes and applications.

Announcing the collaboration today (19th Oct), the Chart Industries division said it will work to develop and evaluate additional biological treatment process and practical applications using BlueInGreen’s dissolved oxygen technology.

Chart Industries acquired BlueInGreen in November last year (2020).

On the company’s latest endeavour, Chris Milligan, President of ChartWater, said, “The support of research at the Delft Institute is another example of our ongoing investment to develop and provide a portfolio of premier solutions and world-class expertise to help our customers meet their environmental and social goals.”

“BlueInGreen has a long history of supporting graduate researchers from all over the world at the Delft Institute for Water, producing independent, peer-reviewed research evaluating the use of SDOX® technology in various water and wastewater treatment applications.”

“We are delighted to continue or support of IHE Delft researchers to build on that history of sustainably-driven innovation.”

Hector Garcia, Associate Professor of Sanitary Engineering at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, added, “Our mission at IH is to keep exploring and advancing practical technologies and applications.

“Our previous research demonstrated the tremendous opportunity for SDOX® technology – proving standard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) values of 95% and higher with better alpha factors compared to conventional aeration methods.”

“This next phase of research will pilot and evaluate additional application as we continue our work – moving from the lab, to piloting, to full-scale implementations.”