CO2 GRO is expanding its North American footprint, with the company having inked a new commercial technology purchase agreement with a US-based greenhouse grower.

Confirming its new customer on Wednesday (26th Jan), CO2 GRO said the order, valued at approximately $128,000, is for its CO2 Delivery Solutions™.

CO2 Delivery Solutions™ allow all protected grows to consistently deliver optimal amounts of CO2 to plants with a misted saturated CO2 solution.

The owner of the technology has not been disclosed.

Aaron Archibald, Vice-President Sales and Strategic Alliances at CO2 GRO, said, “This is the largest sale of our CO2 Delivery Solutions™ technology to date.”

“The sale is being made without an initial technology trial (formerly referred to as a commercial feasibility).

“This reinforces our focus for accelerating CO2 Delivery Solutions™ sales without initial technology trials, resulting in a shorter sales cycle and a reduced cost of sales.”

Use of the CO2 GRO product will lead to higher yields, faster growth, and profitability.