CO2 GRO’s CO2 Delivery Solutions ™ system will this quarter commence operations in a Californian greenhouse as it looks to enhance the growth of plants.

Delivered to an unnamed customer, CO2 GRO’s technology is set to undergo commercial feasibility which will run for a minimum of six months once the unit is installed.

With CO2 Delivery Solutions™ onsite, the greenhouse owner is set to benefit from increased production and faster plant growth – both of which will help site expansion.

Aaron Archibald, Vice-President of Sales and Strategic Initiatives, said, “We signed this commercial feasibility after a personal visit this month to a number of California and Arizona greenhouse growers to finalise layout designs, visiting ongoing commercial feasibilities and advance discussions with new potential US customers.

“We expect to announce more commercial feasibilities and potentially sales from these business trips. Networking is a key pillar of our marketing strategy and being able to meet customers in person helps us develop strong relationships which in turn helps us expand our network and business development opportunities.

“Our experience from this sales trip was the continued growth in awareness and interest of CO2 Delivery Solutions™ as a technology that can help growers improve their operations, plat yields and financial performance.”