TOMCO2 Systems is launching phasetwo Cold Chain Solutions this year to provide the equipment necessary for laboratories, pharmaceuticals, universities, and research centers globally.

Its solutions will include the critical infrastructure in packaging, storage, shipping, and monitoring of samples that require cold storage such as dry shippers, control rate freezers, cryogenic preservation, and on-demand dry ice production. phasetwo’s cryogenic freezers are specifically designed to meet the demanding freezing processes of living cells while preserving their viability. Loganville, Georgia-based TOMCO2, a leading provider of bulk CO2 storage and distribution solutions, revealed its plans for phasetwo with gasworld US ahead of launch later this year.

How did phasetwo come to fruition? Why did TOMCO2 see the need to do this new venture?

Jeff Holyoak, Vice-President, Sales & Market Development (TOMCO2): We collectively have a long history in the Life Science segment, specifically with cryogenic freezers, dewars, and vapor shippers. While we have been working to re-enter the market for several years, there has been a glaring lack of progress made in terms of product innovation and meeting customer needs. Coupled with substantial disruption in the industry following changes in ownership of the traditional leading suppliers in the past two years, customers have increasingly pulled us back into the market, looking for an alternative they can trust.

Source: TOMCO2

What will phasetwo provide?

TOMCO2: phasetwo will provide the full compliment of both equipment and services for the storage and transportation of biological sample materials. Key product categories include cryogenic freezers, liquid nitrogen (LN2) vapor shippers, controlled rate freezers, and on-demand dry ice production equipment suitable for lab environments. Additionally, phasetwo provides comprehensive service from installation, piping, maintenance, and remote system monitoring.

Will phasetwo be involved with vaccine storage?  

TOMCO2: Controlled rate freezers are instrumental in some vaccine storage and long term storage may often require cryogenic freezers. Dry ice is also widely used for transport between labs/clinics and other distribution channels, while LN2 vapor shippers have been used for certain types of vaccines for years.

Has the cryo shipper/life science space seen significant growth recently, what is driving this?  

TOMCO2: Yes. The advancement of cellular & genetic therapies has, and will continue, to fuel growth and advancement in the market.  Globally, the growth in biobanks has also driven growth in cryo shipper demand.

What is TOMCO’S history / background in this space, and why not acquire into it?

TOMCO2: TOMCO2/Air Water America’s leadership and engineering team has extensive industry experience, over 180 years combined. We looked at various acquisition opportunities over the past few years, but the opportunity to not inherit legacy products and designs and greenfield both manufacturing and product design was far more appealing.  We are building products that are designed for the actual users in the industry, designed for their use – not products that have been modified from other industrial gas applications trying to fit the need.

What is the landscape like in this area?  

TOMCO2: There has been substantial change and disruption in this market – a lot of instability.  phasetwo brings stability and experience back to the supply chain, expansion will generate from there.

What are the aims for progress with phasetwo this year?

TOMCO2: Our goals are to provide the full complement of products and services to meet our customers’ needs. We have secured a new, state-of-the-art facility in Alpharetta, GA, a leading technology hub in the Metro Atlanta area. While we have already been building product at our Tomco facility in Loganville, GA, our aim for this year is centered around continuing to meet customer needs while completing the new, free-standing facility dedicated to Life Science products.

Can you tell us how phasetwo has engineered a new and improved way to store and transport biological matter with your redesigned cryogenic dry shippers?  

TOMCO2: Listening to the needs of our customers, we designed a more durable and user-friendly shipping experience that includes truly innovative LN2 vapor shippers and crucial ancillary accessories and technology-driven services. This, coupled with our state-of-the-art precision manufacturing was put in place to satisfy our customers’ increasingly stringent standards.  

What are the advantages of phasetwo’s dry ice solutions?

TOMCO2: Smaller labs and clinics have substantial waste and shipping disruptions due to their relative size of use.  Additionally, their usage rates can fluctuate dramatically during any week/month so runouts and shortages are common. They pay premium price for packaged ice due to high distribution costs. On Demand ice will enable them to make what they need, when they need it, at substantial savings. But the real value is the what they need when they need it, controlling their own supply.

Why is phasetwo designing product for the applications, not modifying existing legacy product to meet needs of this new industry?

TOMCO2: Your questioned answered itself.  These products are shipping and storing critical medical advancements and biological matter. They should be designed for these applications, not modified from historic designs used in other industrial gas applications. Not designed around raw materials that are used for other applications because it was convenient. phasetwo designed our products from the need up, not the past down.

Where will production facilities be?

TOMCO2: Our new phasetwo facility is located in Alpharetta, GA, the high tech and medical device corridor of the southeast. We’ve been assembling a team for the past two years combined with our current teams existing experience and have over 180 years collectively in product, engineering, and manufacturing background from across the industry.