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  • calvera

    Calvera Group – Diversifying its divisions


    When the Calvera Group was founded over six decades ago in Zaragoza, Spain, its aim was to provide the most efficient transport and storage solutions for compressed, high-pressure gases. 

  • fill plant employees and drivers in hauns syracuse location

    Haun Welding Supply


    Serving a large geographic area that encompasses Upstate New York, Vermont, and northern Pennsylvania is a well-established, fourth generation, family-owned independent gases and welding distributor, Haun Welding Supply.

  • Adsorptech company profile September, 2017

    Adsorptech – An adsorption boutique


    Adsorptech is a ‘boutique’ company which specialises in the supply of adsorption technologies and products. 

  • utengas

    Utengas – Doubling the capacity


    Nestled in the heart of Bergamo’s manufacturing district lies Utengas Srl, an Italian outfit that takes care of the cylinder supply chain from start to finish. Founded in 1978, the company operates out of a single facility in Comun Nuovo township.

  • wise telemetry

    Wise Telemetry


    There is a new system for monitoring gas consumption in cylinders, microbulk, and bulk tanks. Founded by Eric Wise, a Pittsburgh, PA, engineer and entrepreneur, Wise Telemetry offers gas producers and distributors an efficient means of monitoring gas levels.

  • Oceania gas company profile July 2017

    Oceania Gas


    For over 50 years Oceania Gas has been serving the Pacific Islands’ unique gas needs. Formerly owned by The Linde Group and trading as BOC, the Oceania Gas name was born on 1st April 2016 when Vinod Patel Investments purchased the majority shareholding – forming a truly independent, locally owned ...

  • dr. trent molter

    Sustainable Innovations


    In our news this month is a story on Sustainable Innovations (SI), a company developing revolutionary products for energy and industrial applications. SI’s hydrogen-based energy conservation system (HECS) will be used to recover H2 from waste streams at NASA Stennis Space Centre (SSC) in Mississippi.

  • closed loop cooling system

    Stirling Cryogenics


    Looking at all the pins in the world map that Stirling Cryogenics has, it’s glaringly obvious that this company is a major global player in its industry.

  • Schubert & Salzer product

    Schubert & Salzer


    As a fast-growing high-tech company, Schubert Salzer Control Systems GmbH develops, produces and distributes highly precise control and stop valves. The company is part of the Schubert Salzer Group headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany, with subsidiaries in the Benelux, France, India, the UK and the US.

  • CryoWiz switchover

    CONCOA – Precision gas controls


    Controls Corporation of America (CONCOA) was founded in 1987 when BOC divested its AIRCO equipment division in the US. Although at inception, CONCOA produced only apparatus for oxyfuel cutting and welding, the company quickly developed pressure and flow control devices for specialty gas, medical, and industrial laser markets. 

  • catalina hq

    Catalina Cylinders


    In 1986, Catalina Cylinders produced its first aluminum high pressure gas cylinder in Huntington Beach, CA. Six years later, Catalina was acquired by Aluminum Precision Products Inc. (APP), an aerospace forging manufacturer, which reopened Catalina in Garden Grove, CA.

  • cylinders

    Harrison Valve – Precision valve products


    California-based Harrison ValveTM is a global supplier of precision valve products serving a broad range of applications, industries and markets. One of the fastest growing cylinder valve manufacturers in the world today, the company offers a full line of high pressure cylinder valves including industrial, medical, residual pressure (RPV), acetylene ...

  • regional sales director zane butler in ascos florida warehouse

    ASCO Inc. – Now serving the North American market


    In July 2016, ASCO Carbon Dioxide, LTD, a Switzerland-based corporation specializing in complete carbon dioxide (CO2) and dry ice solutions, opened its US subsidiary — ASCO Inc. — in Jacksonville, FL. Located in the southeast region of the US, an area of especially high demand for CO2 products and services, ...

  • Amtrol Alpha cylinders



    Amtrol-Alfa was founded in 1962 in Guimarães, north of Portugal, with the name of Petróleo Mecânica Alfa, at the time manufacturing cylinders for the LPG industry. In 1990, the company was merged with Comanor, creating the Comanor-Alfa group.

  • TOMCO2 Systems

    TOMCO2 Systems


    TOMCO2 Systems is a global leader in the design, manufacture and support of carbon dioxide (CO2) systems by consistently offering the highest quality, state-of-the-art products and services to every customer for over 47 years.

  • sky bitz tank monitoring

    SkyBitz Tank Monitoring


    Prices of industrial gases such as argon, CO2, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium have recently risen as much as 20%. With prices at these levels, distributors and users have to maximize their distribution efficiency, and not over service their tanks. But also, they can never let customers run out.

  • technifab

    Technifab Products, Inc.


    Technifab Products, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Noel Short. The company manufactures vacuum jacketed pipe, cryogenic components, dewars and precision machined parts. Located in Brazil, IN, Technifab employs highly skilled ASME certified welders and fabricators, CNC programmers and machinists, engineers, trained quality inspectors, and professional staff, as well as ...

  • coastal

    Coastal Welding Supply


    Coastal Welding Supply was founded in 1963 by Al Mazoch and has over 50 years of experience in providing service to the petrochemical, metal fabrication, field construction, and maintenance and turnaround industries. Today, Coastal remains a family-owned organisation under the leadership of Al’s son, J.C. ‘Chuck’ Mazoch.

  • Cryo Technologies

    Cryo Technologies


    Cryogenic Gas Technologies, Inc. (Cryo Technologies) is a leading independent supplier of custom cryogenic and non-cryogenic gas processing systems based in Allentown, Pennsylvania (US). The privately-owned company was founded in 1995 by its President, Rick Hessinger, and a group of highly experienced former employees of other leading corporations in the ...

  • nolek danfoss turbocore January 2017

    Nolek – Partners in leak testing


    Nolek was founded in 1973 and today is a leading total solution provider of leak testing, proof testing, leak detection, helium charging and recovery and non-destructive testing equipment.