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  • ACP truck

    ACP – CO2 at the core


    Since its inception in 1897, ACP has never failed to deliver a CO2 order to its direct customers, a fact that the Belgium-based business proudly declares. CO2 is weaved into the company’s DNA; it is and has been ACP’s core business for almost 120 years. A leading supplier in Europe ...

  • igph

    IGPH – Independent, intelligent gas solutions


    When asked what the Industrial Gas Project House (IGPH Ltd) stands for, the answer is quite simple: independent, intelligent and flexible gas solutions, engineered, designed, manufactured and delivered in a responsive, reliable, safe, and cost-effective manner.

  • POC, Luxfer

    Luxfer Gas Cylinders – From gas cylinders to medical devices


    From commercialising NASA’s space programme technology in the 1970s and pioneering lightweight aluminium composites, through to the more recent development of its high strength, lightweight L7X® alloy, Luxfer Gas Cylinders has always been at the forefront of innovation.

  • Itm power clean fuel

    ITM Power – Truly green hydrogen supply


    ITM Power plc designs and manufactures rapid response PEM electrolysers for efficiently converting surplus electrical energy into chemical energy in the form of hydrogen, for energy storage and clean fuel. Based in Sheffield UK, together with its subsidiaries in the US and Germany the company sells its products into the ...

  • Gas analysis in 2015 – August 2015

    Chromatotec – Turnkey solutions for the analytical chain


    Recently celebrating its 40th anniversary and operating in a hugely competitive sector, the French family firm of Chromatotec is advancing with its focus on ambient, industrial process and oil and gas markets with its sensitive online automatic gas chromatograph analysers (autoGC).

  • Spectron Gas Control Systems GmbH headquarters

    Spectron Gas Control Systems


    Spectron Gas Control Systems GmbH is the specialist for gas supply systems. For over 60 years the company has been producing components for a wide range of gases and applications. Based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the company’s focus is on quality, flexibility and innovation.

  • Manufacturing smoke stack

    Advanced Cryogenics – All about carbon dioxide


    Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd., found under both the domains and, has now celebrated 26 years as a major carbon dioxide (CO2) and cryogenic gas consulting practice.

  • Tri-Gas Latin America tank 2016

    Tri-Gas Latin America


    TriGas Latin America has been in busness since 1990, providing exceptional customer service, specialising in direct source supply of liquid and gaseous helium, argon, hydrocarbons and refrigerants in bulk and cylinders, with certified purities.

  • Kawser Corporation 2015

    Kawser Corporation – State-of-the-art specialty gas purification and blending


    Kawser Corporation (KCO) is an independent company providing expertise and consultancy services for local and regional gas companies to enhance their specialty gases capabilities. Until recently, the specialty gases expertise has been the domain of major gas companies such as Linde and Air Liquide.

  • Cryogenic solutions

    Statebourne Cryogenics – Cutting-edge cryogenic solutions


    Since its formation in 1969, Statebourne Cryogenics Ltd has been continually focused on providing products of the highest value to its customers. The company continually develops new models both independently and in conjunction with leading research institutes and centres of excellence worldwide – ensuring a continuing role at the very ...

  • Pictured a recent carbon dioxide storage installation for s&a – October 2015

    IGC Engineering – A new era for gas storage


    IGC Engineering Limited, based in the North West of England, is a company experiencing new levels of growth as increasing numbers of businesses consider their options when it comes to their storage supply. IGC started as a small company with the vision to bring competition for the nationally based industrial ...

  • Wessington cryogenics - Magazine September 2015

    Wessington Cryogenics – A reputation for engineering excellence


    Wessington Cryogenics is enviably positioned as a global preferred supplier of cryogenic pressure vessels to some of the world’s blue chip oil and gas majors, industrial gas suppliers, scientific users, and leading research laboratories.

  • Cahouet, Experience, safety, reliability – August 2015

    Cahouet – Experience, safety, reliability


    A long-term reliable partner to all the main gas producers in the world for decades (Air Liquide, Linde, Air Products, Messer, Westfalen, Praxair, SOL), Cahouet has been in the gases business for the last 90 years. The company also serves the OEM market, as well as a number of installation ...

  • Pku pioneer image - July 2015

    PKU Pioneer – Pioneering PSA Technology


    Pressure swing adsorption technology (PSA/VPSA) is mainly used for the separation of gas mixtures to extract high-purity gas that the industry requires, as well as for the purification or recycling of a variety of emissions and exhaust gas, leading to a wide range of applications.

  • Weka ag – June 2015

    WEKA AG – Keeping liquids and gases under control for 75 years


    Whether at -270°C or at over 400 bar – level indicators and valves from WEKA AG precisely and reliably measure and regulate liquids and gases. The global leader from Baeretswil in the Canton Zurich, Switzerland celebrate its 75th anniversary this year.

  • hale hamilton

    Hale Hamilton – Expertise in high pressure gas solutions


    Hale Hamilton Valves Ltd, part of Circor International Inc., an $800m NYSE organisation, is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high pressure valves, manifolds and fully integrated packaged systems for the industrial gas market – with particular expertise in high pressure cylinder filling and gas supply ...

  • Recoma group

    Recoma Group – Our feel, our passion


    From the energy industry, to research and development (R D) and healthcare, gases are present everywhere in our daily lives and the cylinders containing them must always ensure maximum safety for users.

  • MES Aluminium - Aluminium alloy high pressure cylinders - March 2015

    MES Aluminium – Aluminium alloy high pressure cylinders


    MES Aluminium is a unique company located in the industrial region of Gebze in Turkey, specialised in producing precise and high technology aluminium alloy products for various industries and applications.

  • V&F - February 2015

    V&F – Setting new standards in spectrometry


    Founded in 1985 by J. Villinger and W. Federer and located in beautiful Tyrol (Austria), V F set out to redefine the field of online mass spectrometry. The CI-MS 500 introduced in 1986 was the first mass spectrometer with the patented Ion-Molecule Reaction technology (IMR).

  • Cryotherm - January 2015

    Cryotherm – Expertise in liquid helium handling


    Cryotherm GmbH Co. KG, based in Kirchen, Germany, specialises in the manufacture of vacuum super-insulated storage and transport vessels, as well as pipelines for cryogenic liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen and helium.