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  • Everest Kanto cylinder

    Everest Kanto Cylinders – An emerging global business position


    Established in 1978, Everest Kanto is developing rapidly. Privately-owned and listed on the Mumbai stock exchange, the company is headquartered in India, a country that symbolises today’s shift in global economic power away from the developed economies and towards BRIC countries – seeking dominant global supplier positions of manufactured goods, ...

  • Smart-Gas cylinders.

    Smart-Gas – A one-stop-shop in Asia


    While Singapore’s Smart-Gas Pte Ltd may have only been established in August 2004, the company is now one of the region’s leading exporters of bulk liquid argon and bulk liquid carbon dioxide.

  • Ability Engineering Purifier

    Ability Engineering – Who says it can’t be done?


    Chicago-based Ability Engineering Technology Inc. (AET) is a multi-disciplined engineering, design and manufacturing company that specialises in providing cryogenic and processing equipment, as well as machined parts used throughout the liquid-gas supply chain for the purification, liquefaction, distribution, storage and end-use of industrial gases and hydrocarbons.


    DIEKS – Safety and standards in Eastern Europe


    Throughout its history, DIEKS and all its staff have always been focused on the high quality of service and strict adherance to the letter of the law. The Ukrainian-German joint venture company was founded in 2003, following a decision to establish a JV company of Technical Supervision German TUV NORD ...

  • Company Profile Cryoservice

    CryoService – Cryogenic distribution technology for road, rail or sea


    Since the early 20th century CryoService S.r.l has been a recognised partner for gas industries: at first as a specialist for the periodical testing of tubes, as well as a tube trailer manufacturer and later, increasing its expertise in cryogenics’ related technology, as an excellent and appreciated repair and service ...

  • NPS

    NPS – A self-made Russian gases company


    Nefteyuganskpromservis (NPS) stands out from the crowd as an independent technical gases manufacturer in Russia. In just a few years it has grown from a fledgling company into a major supplier of nitrogen and oxygen in the Ural-Siberian region, with a total hourly output of six tonnes of liquid product ...

  • Cylinders

    Zhejiang Jindun Holding Group – A true specialist in advanced energy equipment and systems


    With its origin in Zhejiang province, just southwest of Shanghai and between Hangzhou and Ningbo, Zhejiang Jindun Holding Group (Jindun) provides solutions for the transportation, storage and handling of gas.

  • Gas on Site

    Gas At Site – A growing force in the onsite industrial gas supply arena


    Gas At Site (Pty) Ltd, operating since 1990, offers reliable and cost effective systems for the onsite generation of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, ozone, carbon dioxide and controlled atmosphere fruit storage.

  • REC Silicon Company Profile 2012

    REC Silicon – At the forefront of silane supply


    REC Silicon is a leading polysilicon and silicon gas manufacturer, operating as the materials division of Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) ASA, a Norwegian solar energy company. REC Silicon produces polysilicon for the semiconductor and solar industries, and silane and specialty gases for the solar, electronic, and flat-panel display manufacturing industries. ...

  • bhuruka-gases-limited

    Bhuruka Gases Limited – High purity gases from India


    Bhuruka Gases Limited (BGL) is celebrating its 38th anniversary, recognised as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of specialty gases, rare gas products, and industrial and liquid gas products in India.

  • barcode-scan-gas_world

    Trendex Systems – Asset management solutions


    Trendex Information Systems Inc. has been driving software development for the distribution and manufacturing sectors for years, supporting compressed gas distributors and welding supply houses since 1981. The company is all about asset management and offers a broad range of software solutions for every aspect of the supply chain.

  • industrial-design-gasworld

    Industrial Design – Mission critical flexibility


    Most suppliers to the oil and gas industry will claim to offer a ‘mission critical’ service, but very few can back that claim up in the same way that fire control systems business Industrial Design can.

  • Butler Gas liquid-gas

    Butler Gas Products – Continuous Improvement in gases, delivery and tracking


    The Butler Gas Products story began in 1945 with the entrepreneurial efforts of two brothers who started with a small gas and welding supply business.

  • PDC Machines Logo

    Pdc Machines – Compressing its way to a greener future


    Founded by Syed Afzal in 1977, Pdc Machines, Inc. began as a one-man business in a home garage. “I dedicated my work to trouble-shooting chemical engineering equipment troubles and providing design services to a handful of clients,” says Afzal.

  • Enviroserve

    Enviroserve – Reaping reward with refrigerant reclaim


    Enviroserve in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a Public Private Partnership with the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water, founded in 2004 with the environment in mind - a focus that remains its core and passion.

  • Orthodyne SA provides instruments, detectors and analytical engineering from its base in Belgium.

    Orthodyne – Instruments, detectors and analytical engineering


    What started as a family business manufacturing wireless (radio) sets in the 1920s has evolved into a whole new field of technology and innovation for Belgium-based Orthodyne. For almost 30 years the company was involved in the wireless business, but this dwindled in the early 1950s as transistor radios imported ...

  • CryoGo has been driving an evolution in cryogenic trailer design.

    CryoGO – An evolution in cryogenic trailer design


    A joint venture started between Independent Cryogenics Ltd and Schingenschloegel GesmbH, CryoGO is in fact a project rather than a company. But it’s much more than a project, so much so that CryoGO might often be mistaken for a company of its own. Find out more in this month’s company ...

  • Adanac

    Adanac – 25 years of process valve solutions


    Adanac has been involved in cryogenics since 1986. Over this time the company has worked to understand how materials behave and perform at such extreme temperatures and apply this scientific understanding to developing valve products suitable for use with cryogenic applications.

  • The distribution manifold from Hale Hamilton

    Hale Hamilton – Excellence in pressure and flow control


    Since 1947, Hale Hamilton (a CIRCOR International company) has used its expertise in the design of high pressure valves and regulators to meet the needs of niche applications in demanding markets like defence, oil and gas, and the industrial gas market.

  • Oxymat

    Oxymat A/S – Independent sources of oxygen and nitrogen


    Danish-based Oxymat A/S specialises in designing and manufacturing on-site nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2) generators and does so with a very clear environmental vision. Find out more in our October 2011 company profile...