Cryogenic solutions specialist Cryostar has released the latest edition of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) dispensers, the Dispenser 3.0.

With the intention of improving the user experience of previous iterations, Cryostar’s new technology comes with several new features.

This includes a contemporary, modern design, an interactive touch screen and animations to explain how to refuel a vehicle, a better suited functional design to increase the comfort of the experience, and new technology – such as an ‘air pack’ heating system – aiming to increase working life of the components. 

The Dispenser 3.0

The Dispenser 3.0

Source: Cryostar

Boasting more than 200 LNG vehicle refuelling stations using Crostar equipment across the globe, Phillippe Heisch, LNG Solutions Sales Manager, Cryostar, stated that user feedback is one of the company’s top priorities. 

“Every comment made by users, operators, or maintenance staff is an opportunity to reconsider our equipment and feed the continuous improvement process,” he added. 

The new 100% autonomous dispenser also offers various station management features, such as remote connection and configuration directly from the screen itself. 

For stations that have either high fuel consumption rates or regularly experience bad weather conditions, Cryostar has included insulation and defrosting lines and a collision detection and prevention system.