The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) has unanimously approved a new landmark European Standard for the testing of gas cylinders following industry concerns over safety.

The EN 16753 standard concerns the periodic inspection and testing of seamless high pressure gas cylinders whilst in situ.

The specialty integrity management team of UK business Chesterfield Special Cylinders (CSC) is leading the implementation of the new regulation after helping to co-write the BS 8562 standard – the guideline on which the EN 16753 is based.

The new standard covers tubes of 150-3,000 litres used for compressed gases with all companies involved in the gas, oil, maritime and storage sectors across the EU having to adopt the standard to ensure their gas cylinder installations are inspected and tested according to best practice.

The Sheffield-based company is currently carrying out inspections and tests across the EU on high pressure tubes with CSC’s Integrity Management Director, Stephen Butler (below), stating, “Like British Standard 8562, EN 19753 is a non-destructive examination and testing regime that saves significant budgets and drastically cuts downtime because the tubes are inspected and tested wherever they are installed.”

Stephen butler csc chesterfield special cylinders director of integrity management cropped

“There has been a long-standing concern over tubes whose removal is impractical. A lack of detailed examination and re-test criteria can lead to insufficient or unsuitable written schemes of work, which can create safety issues.”

“The fact that the CEN committee voted unanimously to adopt EN 16753 shows the significance of the standard. It is already saving budgets while delivering an extended and productive operating life for these safety-critical installations.”