Hypertherm has announced the release of FlushCutconsumables for select Powermax® air plasma systems. The consumables available now for Powermax105 and Powermax125 systems provide users with the ability to cut closer to base materials.

FlushCut consumables feature an angled nozzle bore that delivers the plasma arc at a 45 degree angle ideal for challenging removal applications. Instead of locating the nozzle opening at the tip as is typically done, the FlushCut nozzle orifice is located on the side. This essentially bends the plasma arc, causing it to exit the torch at an angle nearly parallel to the workpiece. As a result, Powermax users can cut closer, or more flush, to the base metal than ever before, significantly reducing grinding work and increasing the opportunity to reuse lugs and attachments.

The new flush cutting process is helpful for a number of applications including jobs that require the separation of two metals. The consumables allow users to more easily remove lugs, temporary weld supports, and pad eyes without damaging the base material holding the piece in place. In addition, the flush cutting process simplifies the cutting of weld access holes in I-beams, and also makes it easier to remove bolts or other parts from metal plate.

Brenda Mahoney, a product manager for Hypertherm torch and consumable products, stated, “Strong investment in research and development along with a drive to continuously innovate has led our engineering team to develop a truly groundbreaking consumable design.”

“This new process has the potential to save companies a substantial amount of time while reducing operator fatigue and increasing safety on the jobsite,” Mahoney added. 

The new Hypertherm angled nozzle

The new Hypertherm angled nozzle

Source: Hypertherm