CVD Equipment Corporation, a New York-based provider of chemical vapor deposition systems and materials, has named Emmanuel Lakios as its new President and CEO.

Since joining CVD Equipment in 2017, as Vice-President Sales & Marketing, Lakios has been instrumental in establishing long-range strategic planning for diversification and growth within the company.

Commenting on his appointment, Lakios, said, “CVD Equipment Corporation has a base of loyal, long-term customers and an expansive portfolio of technologies and products, supported by a talented and dedicated team of 120 employees.” 

“I am eager to work with the Board of Directors, all of whom have extensive experience in corporate governance and leadership, and our senior management team to maintain our position as an industry leader and explore new opportunities for growth and expansion.”

In addition to Lakios’ appointment, CVD Equipment today (25th Jan) also named Director Lawrence Waldman as non-executive Chairman of the Board.

“All of the independent Board members have made this decision based on our concerns about reduced sales and losses over the last several years, and we believe that in order to return to profitability and in the best interests of our shareholders, a change in leadership is required,” stated Waldman, adding that Martin Teitelbaum will no longer serve as General Counsel.

“We are attempting to position CVD Equipment Corporation for growth and sustainability moving forward, with a sharp focus on enhancing and expanding the services and technologies we can provide to our customers, as well as operating efficiencies,” Waldman continued.

“We thank Mr. Rosenbaum and Mr. Teitelbaum for their years of service.”