To mark Clean Air Day today, clean cold expert Dearman has announced the signing of agreements with two major Chinese organisations, in the shape of the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP) and the Chengdu Industrial Asset Management Group (CIAM).

Both agreements will see collaboration to bring Dearman’s technology to China.

CECEP is the largest service-orientated scientific industrial group in the energy conservation and environmental protection field in China. At present the group owns 419 subsidiaries and six listed companies which are distributed in 30 regions in China and 40 countries abroad. The main businesses of CECEP include energy saving, environmental protection, and clean energy.

CIAM, meanwhile, is an industrial asset management group is responsible for deploying government capital into industrial projects that meet the country’s Five-Year Plan. One of the better-known projects that CIAM has managed is the building and operation of the Chengdu to Europe Transnational Express Rail, part of the Belt and Road programme.

Dearman CEO Scott Mac Meekin commented, “On Clean Air Day 2019, Dearman is delighted to unveil two major partnerships with CECEP and CIAM. The Chinese government is ambitious in its environmental commitments on air quality. Just as Dearman has shown that our zero-emission transport refrigeration unit can achieve major emission savings for European fleet operators, we are confident we can also meet the needs of Chinese operators and the new standards being set by the Chinese Government.”

”On Clean Air Day 2019, Dearman is delighted to unveil two major partnerships with CECEP and CIAM. The Chinese government is ambitious in its environmental commitments on air quality”

Scott Mac Meekin, Dearman

“The Chinese government has led the way in supporting the uptake of cleaner technologies for refrigerated transport, and we look forward to showcasing our technology at the major trade shows this month. The expertise of Qomo Capital Partners has been invaluable in entering the Chinese market, and we look forward to working with CECEP and CIAM to introduce our zero-emission solution to China.”

The announcement is particularly timely given the Chinese Government’s stated commitment to build a clean cold chain including refrigerated transport as part of the Belt and Road programme.

Only an estimated 20% of food produced in China passes through a cold chain system and as a result, China can experience up to 40% post-harvest loss and food quality issues; hence the Government’s determination to develop the Chinese cold chain.

Dearman’s groundbreaking zero-emission engine is powered by liquid nitrogen and has already been successfully deployed in Europe by big brands like Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and Unilever.

The Dearman transport refrigeration unit (TRUs) would allow China to leapfrog the use of western diesel technology and avoid the heavy pollution experienced in the west. TRUs are forecast to grow from 90,000 currently on the road to 2.5 million – according to Dearman, if all of these were diesel, the polluting emissions would be equivalent to a further 180 million cars on the road.

To set out what it can achieve for refrigerated transport in China, Dearman is this month featuring at two major trade shows at the invitation of the Nanjing government. It will be exhibiting at Nanjing Tech Week on 26th June, and presenting at the Global Cold Chain Summit in Qingdao from 26th-28th June.