Clean cold technology company Dearman will be exhibiting its new transport refrigeration technology at a show next month

For the second year in a row it will collaborate with Hubbard Products at the Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution (TCS&D) show to demonstrate the high performance, zero-emission transport refrigeration unit that has been developed in a partnership between the two companies.

Utilising the liquid nitrogen (N2) powered Dearman Engine, the system offers industry leading performance, it is zero-emission and quiet to operate, while being cost competitive.

A transport refrigeration unit (TRU) powered by a secondary diesel engine can emit up to six times as much nitrogen oxide (NOx) and almost 30 times as much particulate matter (PM) as a Euro 6 heavy goods vehicle engine. However, the Hubbard-Dearman TRU eliminates emissions of NOx and particulate matter, providing a significant improvement in air quality, while also reducing carbon footprint and noise.

The Dearman system has been undergoing an extensive commercial trial with Sainsbury’s since June 2016, with further international deployments expected to begin later this year.

Government and local authorities increasingly recognise the role of logistics in issues around air quality and climate change. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) last year published its draft Clean Air Zones framework which asks local authorities to encourage take-up of least polluting TRUs.

David Sanders, Commercial Director at Dearman, said, “Dearman has made strides in the past year completing successful trials, and we look forward to talking through the technology’s significant operational benefits with potential end users.”

Pat Maughan, Managing Director at Hubbard Products, added, “At the show, we will be launching a comprehensive new range of transport refrigeration units and staking our claim as the leaders in affordable and clean transport refrigeration technology. Our unique system begins commercial deployment this year, and TCS&D will be an excellent opportunity to showcase our latest innovations.”

The show will be held between 13th and 14th September at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.