Daesung Industrial Gases (DIG), a specialist in gas manufacturing and engineering, has exported an air separation package to Hyundai Engineering for its PDH/PP project in Poland.

Back in May 2019, Hyundai Engineering won an order for the Polimery Police PDH/PP plant project, which will see the construction of polypropylene facilities and infrastructure in the Police region, near the Polish capital Warsaw.

Designed by DIG’s technical staff and fabrication in Korea, the air separation plant will produce nitrogen for the PDH/PP plant.

The project markets DIG’s first project for European customer with European certification.

A DIG official said, “Although there were difficulties in project execution due to the COVID-19 incident, it is the result of showing DIG’s technology and project execution capability through compliance with the promised quality and delivery schedule.”

“In addition, as the growth of the secondary batteries market is accelerating recently, the demand for industrial gas is expected to increase significantly, therefore, DIG will have more opportunities to demonstrate its technology in the future.”