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    GasLog LNG inks deal to digitise entire shipping fleet


    Global liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipping service provider GasLog LNG has partnered with Kongsberg Digital to digitise its entire fleet of 35 vessels.

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    Air Products improves freezing efficiency with new tech


    Air Products is looking to help food processors improve efficiency and reduce product loss with a brand-new digital intelligence system that both monitors and controls cryogenic freezers remotely.

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    Green CO2: Building lasting alternative supply chains


    Disruption to the UK’s ammonia production at the Billingham Complex following carbon dioxide (CO2) supply pressures has shone the spotlight on ‘green CO2’ and need to produce alternative sources efficiently at scale over the long term.

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    Hypertherm updates Robotmaster programming software


    Hypertherm is looking to better bridge the gap between computer assisted manufacturing (CAD) and robotics, having announced a major version update and new branding for its Robotmaster® offline programming software for robots.

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    Industrial Gases: Driving on in Digitisation & Diversification


    Widely regarded as the key driving factors set to shape the future of the industrial gases business, the three D’s of digitisation, decarbonisation and decentralisation have taken centre stage in recent years, spurred on by cutting-edge Industry 4.0 and Net Zero technologies. 

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    Commerce, content, connectivity and communication: The four C’s of B2B e-commerce explored on gasworld TV


    The world we live in today is arguably more connected than ever. It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) really changed how businesses and consumers operate, as the shift to the digital world became very apparent. This desire for digital, however, still remains very strong, despite the re-opening ...

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    Otodata acquires AIUT’s LPG branch


    Otodata Holdings is spearheading its expansion goals, having today (29th June) confirmed the acquisition of AIUT’s LPG branch, a supplier of IoT ecosystems for the global LPG remote monitoring and metering market.

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    Anova UTM LPWAN launched to enhance remote tank monitoring


    Remote tank telemetry solutions company Anova has today (29th June) officially launched its brand-new product for energy marketers to deliver accurate daily tank level readings with optional GPS location.

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    Preview: Bulk gas distribution


    As one of the most vital cogs in the industrial gases supply chain, bulk gas distribution plays a key role in the industrial gas supply chain. According to gasworld Business Intelligence, the bulk supply of gas represents up to 29% of revenues in 2020, equating to roughly $21.2bn.

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    Approaching telemetry sales strategies


    Fabio Pinzi, Business Strategist at Ambra Sistemi, explains why the decision to use telemetry systems to manage cryogenic or compressed gas storage is a many-splintered thing.

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    Taking telemetry to the next level in the industrial gases market


    With cost of living going up for many individuals, families and businesses across the globe, being able to secure the right price for needed or desired items is key. The same applies when it comes to remote monitoring devices and services for the industrial gases market, a trend which is ...


    GAWDA Spring Management Conference recap


    Indianapolis: Home to two major sports league clubs, four universities and also the host of the 2022 Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) Spring Management Conference. The JW Marriott hotel, situated in the heart of the charming city, saw over 700 GAWDA delegates gather together to celebrate the enjoyment of ...

  • The importance of a digital strategy

    The evolution of a digital supply chain


    It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) really changed how businesses and their consumers operate. Almost overnight the world saw a complete shift towards the digital world, as stores, wholesalers and restaurants closed to protect humanity. With this came a real opportunity for corporations to get onboard the ...

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    GAWDA SMC: How not to get left behind in the digital marketplace


    E-commerce was a key focus at the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) Spring Management Conference (SMC) this morning in Indianapolis, Indiana. In an expert panel discussion, formed of ESTech, the IWDC, Indiana Oxygen and Computers Unlimited, delegates were made aware of the critical need for e-commerce in the modern ...

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    REPOWR to enhance digital equipment marketplace with raised funds


    REPOWR, a virtual community and digital marketplace that monetises the supply-chain’s underutilised equipment via B2B equipment rentals, has been boosted by a $4.2m funding round.

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    gasworld launches groundbreaking new medical gases event


    gasworld has today launched a brand new event for the medical gases community, in the name of a more connected and equitable healthcare sector for all.

  • The importance of a digital strategy

    Agilent Technologies acquires AI tech to enhance lab productivity


    Agilent Technologies will enhance its chromatography and mass spectrometry platforms with artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by Virtual Control.

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    DDS launches digital shelf analytics solution for manufacturers


    Distributor Data Solutions (DDS) has today (16th Feb) launched a new digital shelf analytics (DSA) offering to help suppliers assess the presence and quality of their product content on multiple e-commerce websites through a consolidated reporting dashboard.

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    The role of AI in CO2 safety


    The relentless advance of global industry is based on unerring progress and continual development. From the beginnings of the industrial revolution, a conveyor belt of new ideas has supplemented the growth of mass production technologies and the ever-increasing drive to manufacture products at unprecedented speed and scale.

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    The ‘rebirth’ of e-commerce


    The latest webinar from, Bandwidth in Your Business: Reloaded, saw Art Anderson, Managing Principal at AH Anderson Consulting, give his thoughts on the resurgence of e-commerce throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.