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  • Rob Cockerill - BW v1 Cropped

    Anticipation and agility in digitisation


    As part of a panel of speakers here in Kuala Lumpur this morning, I was at the core of discussions surrounding digitisation. It’s a theme I have covered extensively in the last 18 months, though the topic I was tasked with this morning was a perhaps more onerous strand of ...

  • mike-galvin-md-gce-healthcare

    Home oxygen and smart technology


    Following the GCE Group rebrand, Michael Galvin, Managing Director for GCE Healthcare, reveals the latest innovations set to revolutionise home oxygen systems.

  • abstract digital tunnel

    Boulting Technology: The evolving role of the CISO


    Robin Whitehead, Managing Director of Systems Integrator Boulting Technology, provider of complete in-house engineering solutions, explains how digitalisation is bringing the fight to industrial security threats.

  • digitization

    Boulting Technology: Retrospective digitalisation


    According to the Annual Manufacturing Report, 2018, four in five manufacturers believe that smart factory technologies will improve their supply chain relationships. The proposed benefits of data collection from smart sensors are huge, but some manufacturers still feel that a smart factory is out of their reach.

  • Nick Boughton - Digital lead

    Visualising the future of plant maintenance


    As digitisation continues to accelerate in the industrial gases industry, here we provide a perspective on how augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are already making their way into the wider field of plant maintenance.

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    Research reveals USB devices pose significant threat


    New, first-of-its-kind research released on Thursday by Honeywell shows that removable USB media devices such as flash drives pose a significant and intentional cybersecurity threat to a wide array of industrial process control networks.

  • BOC Web Image_

    BOC launches campaign


    BOC, a member of The Linde Group, is encouraging businesses to switch from phone to online ordering through a new nationwide campaign ‘Stop gassing, start clicking!’.

  • Technology-concept

    Technology underpinning a speedy, secure industrial transformation


    Smart Industry Series, Part 6. An interview with Sue Graham Johnston, President of 128 Technology.

  • David-Schaer

    Developing success through partnerships


    Agnes H. Baker interviews David Schaer, President of Computers Unlimited.

  • Telematics and digitisation

    A unique approach to software development


    A review of the 34 th Annual Computers Unlimited Users Group Conference, by Agnes H. Baker.

  • DataOnline

    Chet Reshamwala to become DataOnline CEO


    DataOnline, provider of IoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions, has announced Chief Operating Officer Chet Reshamwala will be made Chief Executive Officer, effective 1 st January, 2019.

  • larry-davis

    Remodeling distribution


    AgoNow is a pure industrial wholesaler and channel solutions provider that partners with distributors/resellers and manufacturers to grow their businesses profitably. With headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company sells exclusively to distributors/resellers, including independent gases and welding companies.

  • Smart phone,finance,electronics

    Digitisation: Industry only beginning to scratch the surface


    Industrial gas companies are making progress toward digitisation, but they are only beginning to scratch the surface of the opportunities that it offers, says former Linde-BOC Managing Director of UK, Ireland Africa, Sue Graham Johnston.

  • Graphs-pie-charts-concept

    Bitcoin, blockchain, cryoptocurrency and e-commerce


    Smart Industry Series, Part 4. Exploring the world of e-commerce and cryptocurrencies, and whether these digital platforms will ever be the subject of true industrial gas utilisation.

  • mobile intell

    The cost of digital automation is always approaching zero


    Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the effect of increased automation is to push costs down via greater efficiencies. With digital automation that combines economies of scale, advanced software and the information distribution power of the internet – per unit or per transaction costs are on a trajectory approaching ...

  • Global storage network

    Available resources


    Resources are available to help guide independent gases and welding distributors through these disruptive times. We asked Ken Thompson, as gas world contributor and person having experienced nearly five decades of supply chain changes, disruptions, and challenges, to share his thoughts on current circumstances, and just where the next evolution ...

  • operating oil and gas well detail

    DNV GL publishes paper to support AI


    As artificial intelligence (AI) systems begin to control safety-critical infrastructure across a growing number of industries, the need to ensure safe use of AI in systems has become a top priority.

  • acquisition working together merger

    DataOnline acquires Independent Technologies


    northDataOnline, a leading global provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions, has completed the acquisition of Independent Technologies.

  • Businessman-with-tablet-computer-working-on-screen-over-virtual-background Distribution

    ‘Digital change is coming’


    It is unquestionable that digital change is coming and e-commerce is gaining traction, the question is whether the gases industry will deliver the solution itself or rely on B2B platforms from outside, says Dr. Cornelia Klaubert, Manager of gasido.

  • 3_Linde EVOS VIPR_TIG welding

    Linde and 42 Technology work together


    Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has worked with technology innovation and product development consultancy 42 Technology to design and develop a new easy-to-use industrial gas cylinder valve with integrated pressure regulator.