1PointFive and Carbon Engineering are looking to accelerate the roll-out of direct air capture (DAC) facilities with a new deployment approach that is set to standardise the design of plants to deliver complete and operationally ready facilities to local partners.

Unveiled today (7th June), the approach is believed to allow for plant components and equipment to be modularised, mass manufactured and then assembled on-site using an establish supply chain.

Each playing a leading role in the deployment approach, Carbon Engineering will provide the DAC technology and 1PointFive will both build and deploy the DAC plants, while leveraging Occidental’s engineering and delivery expertise.

Already the partnership is working on a number of DAC developments, such as the DAC development and innovation centre in British Columbia, Canada, and a DAC plant in the Permian Basin, US.

Daniel Friedmann, CEO of Carbon Engineering, said, “The most recent IPCC report reiterated again that, alongside emission reductions, we need to remove vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to achieve Net Zero targets by 2050.”

“To address this critical need, we’re working with 1PointFive to offer DAC facilities as a ready-to-operate, turnkey solution. We see this new, franchise-like model as the most feasible, affordable and financeable path forward for Carbon Engineering’s DAC technology to make a meaningful impact on the huge climate challenge.”

Carbon Engineering’s DAC technology is predominately used to support decarbonisation in two complementary ways:

  • When combined with secure geological storage, the technology can permanently remove vast amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, providing a tool to eliminate any CO2 emissions from any location at any time.
  • Through the integration with Carbon Engineering’s Air to Fuels™ technology, DAC can be used to produce ultra-low carbon transportation fuels, such as low-carbon transportation fuels, such as SAF, by combining CO2 with clean hydrogen.

Michael Avery, President of 1PointFive, added, “We are committed to delivering large-scale DAC solutions to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.”

“We believe this deployment approach and our partnership with Carbon Engineering will support rapid, global deployment of DAC facilities to meet the urgency of the climate challenge and growing customer demand for DAC-enabled Net Zero solutions.”