US-based product content solutions provider Distributor Data Solutions (DDS) has today (25th Jan) launched its newly designed website.

Featuring DDS’ new branding, the update hopes to clarify the company’s solution offering and direct visitors to the most relevant and efficient customer experience according to their needs.

One of the leading product content companies for the gas and welding industry, DDS helps its customers by providing technology solutions to the challenges of e-commerce product content and data management.

The firm currently works with more than 500 manufacturers, representing more than 1,300 brands, as gasworld heard on its How to Win Online showcase webinar in November last year (2021).

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Source: DDS

Matt Christensen, President of DDS, said, “Our solutions have matured considerably over the past few years, and they tend to be more advanced than what most companies are used to seeing in the marketplace.”

“We recognised an opportunity to improve how we can explain and demonstrate the value and business impact of our services on our website, where visitors are increasingly coming in search of better ways to deliver and manage their product content for the best possible end-user experience.”

According to Christensen, DDS has found a niche helping to improve the quality and communication of product content between the manufacturers who produce it and the companies and end users who rely on it within an industry ecosystem.

“Now in our eighth year in business, we are working with some of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers in the distribution industry – also some of the largest companies in the world – to provide solutions that others simply can’t.”

“Our former site had a lot of great information, but was a bit introductory in its messaging, as we were a newer provider, and even new to some of the industries we now serve. As visitors will see from our new site, this is a new era.”