The US Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has announced $43m in funding to develop carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.

The funded CCS technologies will enable power generators to be responsive to grid conditions in a high variable renewable energy penetration environment.

The FLExible Carbon Capture and Storage (FLECCS) programme aims to develop technologies that address difficulties in decarbonisation of electricity systems, focusing specifically on complications in CCS design, operations and commercialisation potential with the increasing penetration of high VRE sources such as wind and solar power.

“Flexible CCS technology has the potential to achieve unprecedented carbon capture that will revolutionise the market,” said Dan Brouillette, Deputy Secretary of the US DOE.

“The FLECCS programme will quickly advance our carbon capture technology to bring us closer to flexible, low-cost, net-zero carbon electricity systems.”

The FLECCS project programme will have two phases. Phase one will focus on designing and optimising CCS processes that enable flexibility on a high-VRE grid.

Phase two will focus on building components, unit operations, and small prototype systems to reduce the technical risks and costs associated with CCS systems. Projects will be selected to move from phase one to phase two at the conclusion of the initial funding period, based on the output and capacity expansion analysis of the projects.

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