During March (2019) Edinburgh Instruments, a manufacturer of edge spectroscopic instrumentation and gas detection solutions, will attend three exhibitions across the US to showcase its latest news and products.

The company will begin in Baltimore, Marland at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society at The Baltimore Convention Centre. The event which will group leading scientists will provide a platform for researchers who work within the life, physical and computational science. The event will take place from 2nd-6th March (2019).

The next exhibition the company will visit is the 2019 APS March Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. The event will take place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre from 4th-8th March (2019). The meeting allows exhibitors to showcase research from industry, academia and major labs.

During the last stop of the US tour, Edinburgh Instruments will attend the 2019 ACS National Spring Meeting. The meeting attracts chemical professionals and gives attendees a chance to connect with the scientific society. The 2019 ACS National Spring Meeting will run from 31st March till 4th April at the Orange County Convention Centre.

Edinburgh Instruments can be found at booth #501 at Biophysical 2019, booth #121 of the 2019 APS meeting and booth #713 of the ACS National Spring Meeting.