Vacuum products developer Edwards has announced the newest addition to its range of pump related solutions with the EJGO MC multi-pump ‘intelligent’ vacuum pump controller.

Equipped with cloud connectivity, the pump manages, commands, directs, and regulates the operation of Edwards vacuum pumps. 

The controller makes it possible for operators to view pump information and metrics including health assessment, vacuum performance, and operating economy in addition to multiple KPI score and insight cards. 

Commenting on the device, April Yan, Product Manager, Edwards, said, “The EJGO controller provides an all-in-one solution with a focus on user experience and user empowerment.” 

Edwards' EJGO MC multi-pump vacuum pump controller

Edwards’ EJGO MC multi-pump vacuum pump controller

“We wanted our customers to have a first-hand, immediate experience in monitoring, controlling and optimising their vacuum pumps and installations.” 

Designed to be user-friendly, the controller’s connectivity options allow for integration with existing vacuum installations. 

Users can also view relevant data on a touch HMI or a web browser on their laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. 

“EJGO is able to generate trends maps, enabling our customers to compare multiple metrics across pump cycles and at various times,” added Yan. 

“For instance, they can generate a trend map for their pump’s motor speed, power consumption, outlet temperature and much more.” 

Capable of controlling up to 20 vacuum pumps, the EJGO MC also offers robust security protocols. 

Using Ellipse Curve Cryptography, security protocols are automatically updated, and the encryption key is kept on a TPM chip housed in the controller.