Emerson has unveiled its new Branson™ GMX-20MA ultrasonic metal spot welder.

Launched today (1st Feb), the welder bonds nonferrous metals, including bus bars, foils, switches, and wire terminations in automotive electrical systems, electric vehicles, batteries and battery packs, power storage systems and related applications.

The innovation is built around an all-new, rigid pneumatic actuator with dual linear bearings and a digital load cell to ensure smoother vertical motion and more precise downforce control for maximum weld quality and repeatability.

Commenting on the launch, Alex Yeung, Global Business Development Manager, Metal Welding for Emerson, said, “The unique dual linear bearing design used in the Branson GMX-20MA actuator makes it the strongest, and most rigid and precise actuator available in the ultrasonic metal welding market.”

“For our customers, that means the GMX-20MA welder will deliver the highest repeatability and stability for metal spot welding in many different conditions.”

In a statement showcasing the details of the Branson™ GMX-20MA, Emerson said its programmable controls of the GMX-20MA enable operators to manage the welding process in multiple modes: time, energy, peak power and distance.


Source: Emerson

“These versatile weld modes, together with the welder’s advanced digital controls, ensure the added precision required to maintain tight weld process control despite occasional variations in part surface quality or cleanliness,” the company said.

GMX-20MA is programmed through a user-friendly, touchscreen human-machine interface (HMI) housed in the unit’s Branson 2000Xd power supply/controller. The touchscreen makes creating, editing and recalling stored production recipes fast and simple. 

Throughout the production process, the GMX-20MA power supply/controller continuously compiles and stores extensive weld quality and traceability data. It also conducts amplitude stepping for optimisation of weld strength and appearance, with built-in cycle counters to track production.