A group of representatives from leading US-based energy institutions and companies have launched a new Pennsylvania-based clean energy project that aims to elevate the state’s reputation as a leader in clean energy.

By educating policymakers on nascent clean energy technology such as carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen energy, wind energy, and other zero-carbon fuels, the group hopes to transform Pennsylvania into an energy hub. 

Having obtained $8bn in funding, the state is currently attempting to become one of the nation’s first hydrogen hubs through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. 

Comprised of former Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, Dean Lee R. Kump – Dean of the Penn State School of Earth Sciences, Osama Al-Qasem – PDC Machines, and former state representative Marguerite Quinn, the non-partisan group has called for the state to invest in new green technology and carbon capture to permanently remove CO2 emissions. 

“There are new innovative CCS technologies that present promising solutions to help industry safely and permanently capture and dispose of their CO2 solutions,” commented Quinn.

Although the group is focusing mainly on hydrogen and carbon capture, it was emphasised that Pennsylvania must explore other new technologies. 

Referring to CCS and hydrogen, Kump said, “That alone won’t be enough.” 

“We must invest in new clean energy technology. That’s where advanced nuclear reactors and zero carbon fuels, such as hydrogen, become essential.” 

By investing in the Energy Future PA project, the group also intends to power the state’s economy and strengthen its community, leading to important growth in jobs. 

gasworld understands that the organisation is currently accepting applications for membership.