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    The industrial gas world in 2016 – Part 2


    As 2015 draws to a close, gas world looks ahead at what projects, plants and developments we can expect to see in the industrial gas business in 2015. Here we focus on projects in Europe.

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    The industrial gas world in 2016 – Part 1


    As 2015 draws to a close, gas world looks ahead at what projects, plants and developments we can expect to see in the industrial gas business in 2016. Here we focus on projects in the Americas.

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    UK seeks Indian investment in liquid air technologies


    Mindful of a shortage of power hampering the growth of Indian economy, a British delegation visited India recently along with the British Secretary of State for Business, Sajid Javid, seeking Indian investment in a cryogenic energy storage facility.

  • Indian Biogas Association

    Biogas partnership between Germany-India


    The German Biogas Association (Fachverband Biogas e.V.) and the Indian Biogas Association (IBA) have announced a three-year project to foster development of the biogas industry in India.

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    Air Products Hydrogen Reactions Lab operational


    Air Products’ new lab consists of three continuous, trickle bed reactors and has the design capability to handle hydrotreatment and hydrogenation reactions at pressures up to 2,000 psig.

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    TruStar Energy completes "world's largest private CNG station"


    Located at FCA Transport’s North American Detroit Terminal, TruStar Energy’s CNG station will fuel 179 tractor trucks with cleaner, domestically produced natural gas.

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    McPhy selected for France’s Jupiter 1000 project


    McPhy Energy has been selected as supplier and partner for the ‘Jupiter 1000’ Power-to-Gas project that has just been officially launched in conjunction with the organisation of COP21.

  • Basic Industry Carbon Dioxide Emissions

    Basic industries – A burning issue


    Environmental legislation is driving change in combustion-based processes, and in the energy sector. Helen Carmichael spoke to Linde about the role of gases in a changing industrial landscape.

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    Back to the future? Petrochemicals market from 2016-2020


    Long-term turmoil in the crude oil market could mean a ‘Back to the Future’ experience for some in the petrochemical industry, explains IHS Chemical.

  • Parker Bestobell Marine compact FLIV valve

    Parker Bestobell Marine launches compact valve


    The compact FLIV, which is 150mm in diameter and just 600mm high, was developed to cater for the use of smaller diameter floats in marine applications.

  • BOC Aberdeen 1000th refuel

    BOC celebrates 1,000th refuel at Aberdeen H2 bus station


    The UK’s first hydrogen production and bus refuelling station in Aberdeen, owned and operated by BOC, has reached a major milestone - its 1,000 th refuel.

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    Chart and Bechtel announce FLNG partnership


    “Chart’s liquefaction technology offers performance optimization for mid-scale LNG plants that complements Bechtel’s FLNG offering for that scale of facility,” said Joe Gebara, General Manager of Bechtel’s offshore business line.

  • Quest CCS project Canada

    Shell launches Quest CCS project


    Shell has celebrated the official opening of the Quest carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in Alberta, Canada, and the start of commercial operations. Quest is designed to capture and safely store more than one million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year.

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    Learning from India’s Power Revolution


    Given the relative state of their power grids, it would seem that the UK would have little to learn from India when it comes to efficiently providing and delivering electricity.

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    CCS holds key to bridging climate gap


    Up to 28 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions will be captured by existing operational carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects this year, according to a new report launched today.

  • FuelCell Energy 1.4 MW power station

    FuelCell Energy in power purchase agreement


    FuelCell Energy has been contracted by the County of Alameda in California to install a 1.4 mw heat and power plant at Santa Rita Jail.

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    Urgent need to act on cold, report response says


    With the publication today of the University of Birmingham’s report on clean-cold technologies, titled Doing Cold Smarter , Dearman has responded with its own message of urgency in tackling cold energy demand.

  • The linde group

    The science behind the cold box


    The Linde Group handed over the first cold box of six major air separation units (ASUs) to Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. on 16th August 2015. Here, as gas world explores cryogenic gas production, Linde reflects on the science behind the cold box and its journey to start-up. ...

  • ASU – The Linde Group

    Industrial gases in the energy sector


    gasworld, together with Linde Gases and Linde Clean Technology, looks at the role and occurrence of industrial gases in the energy sector.

  • Co2

    The energy sector and the CO2 boom


    Sam A. Rushing explains why the industry is still significant among all others, and where future growth in CO2 demand is likely to emerge from.