Energy company Eni UK announced that as of 9th February it had reached agreements with 19 companies interested in carbon capture and storage (CCS) as part of the HyNet North West project.

Signed as a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the agreements showcase the interest shown in the HyNet project’s decarbonisation potential by UK industry. 

HyNet North West is the UK’s leading industrial decarbonisation project; from 2025 the project intends to produce, store and distribute low carbon hydrogen in addition to capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from industry. 

From 2030, HyNet aims to lower CO2 emissions in hard-to-abate sectors by 10m tonnes each year – the equivalent of taking 4m cars off the road. 

Eni UK was awarded a CO2 appraisal and storage license in October 2020 to develop a CO2 storage site in depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs. 

Last year (October), the HyNet North West Cluster was selected by the UK Government as one of the two priority projects out of five competing in the carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) Cluster Sequencing Process.