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  • Oxygen-analyser

    An introduction to...Oxygen analysers


    Just as industrial gases are at the heart of so many industries, so too are gas analysis and control technologies.

  • CO2 storage vessels

    An introduction to...CO2 storage vessels


    Recovered from natural wells or as a by-product from chemical plants, refineries, from breweries where it is generated by the fermentation process when brewing beer, or from any other fermentation process, carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is the subject of a complex supply chain and an increasing array of end-user ...

  • Spark-Facing-left-stone-tiger-optics

    An introduction to...Modern spectroscopic trace analysis


    The primary function of a quality control (QC) laboratory is to ensure that only acceptable product leaves the production facility. To this end, the gas within each container is analysed for a specified list of trace impurities.

  • Crowley Maritime_LNG ISO tanks

    An introduction to...LNG ISO tanks


    Crowley Maritime, based in Jacksonville, Florida, operates in a multitude of domestic and international transportation and logistics markets.

  • Self contained breathing apparatus

    An introduction to..Self contained breathing apparatus


    The SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) is an essential part of the modern firefighter’s equipment.

  • cryogenic sandblasting

    An introduction to....Cryogenic sandblasting


    Cryogenic sandblasting is a cleaning process through which dry ice is accelerated by compressed air, up to speeds above 300m/sec. The combined action of the thermal shock due to the temperature of the dry ice, together with the high speed of the jet and its mechanical action, allows the cleaning ...

  • hydrogen tube trailers

    An introduction to...Hydrogen tube trailers


    Hydrogen tube trailers are trucks that haul compressed, high-pressure gaseous hydrogen contained in long cylinders (or tubes) stacked or clustered on a trailer.

  • High pressure composite cylinders

    An introduction to...High pressure composite cylinders


    Composite cylinders still represent a relatively new generation in cylinder technology that marry dramatic weight reduction with reliable performance.

  • circuit board

    An introduction to...Gas analysis in PCB fabrication


    As the use of electronic communication devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops proliferates, it is evident that they have become an essential part of everyday modern life. At the heart of these devices lies the PCB (printed circuit board).

  • dohmeyer

    An introduction to...Cryogenic fluidized freezers


    Fluidized-bed freezers are the standard equipment for high capacity Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) freezing in the food industry for a wide variety of food products like fruits, vegetables and seafood products.

  • mehrer

    An introduction...Hydrogen compressors


    Hydrogen as an energy carrier has led to a worldwide development effort for hydrogen technology to power industrial, residential and transportation infrastructure – a concept known as the Hydrogen Economy.

  • Analysers for unmanned asus

    An introduction to...Analysers for unmanned ASUs


    Cryogenic air separation – the most efficient method for the production of gaseous and liquid oxygen – can be modified to manufacture a range of desired products and mixes and typically calls for sequential steps.

  • ambient vaporizers

    An introduction to...Ambient air vaporizers


    Although ambient air vaporizers might be seen as a rather ubiquitous component of the industrial gas use process, they are nevertheless a critical and mandatory sub-system – and their future is looking bright.

  • pressure gauge cylinders in lab

    An introduction to...Liquid level gauges


    Pressure gauges are a crucial component in the instrumentation toolkit, across an array of industries, enabling control and safety in gases and liquids.

  • fiba truck

    An introduction to...Tube trailers


    Bulk quantities of high pressure gases and gas mixtures are shipped in tube trailers. These are trailers with a plural of pressure vessels, also known as tubes, mounted in a horizontal position…

  • Selling electronics merchandises, flat screen

    An introduction to...NF3 production plants


    Nitrogen trifluoride, also known as NF3, is a binary compound consisting of nitrogen and fluorine. Generally delivered in high pressure cylinders, this toxic, colourless, non-flammable, corrosive gas is used in a variety of applications.

  • hydrogen testingjpg

    An introduction to...High purity hydrogen testing


    The introduction of hydrogen fuel cell cars to the automotive market is an effective strategy towards meeting challenging climate change targets as only water vapour is produced in the exhaust (and zero carbon dioxide). It should be noted that these vehicles can compete with conventional petrol cars with regards to ...

  • homefill

    An introduction to...Self-contained breathing apparatus


    There is no doubt that respiratory patients benefit from oxygen therapy or that it improves their quality of life. However, for some patients, starting oxygen therapy can be a very worrying time with a few even seeing it as a last resort or ‘the end’. But the provision of these ...

  • Pulp and Paper VPSA plants, Nitrogen

    An introduction to...VPSA plants


    PSA (pressure swing adsorption) plants are on the rise, globally. Capable of producing gases in the range of 90-96% purity and generally boasting more mobility and lower energy intensity, these systems are often the most cost-effective means of production for smaller scale gas generation applications.

  • LNG dispensers Equipment Profile Sept16

    An introduction to...LNG dispensers


    Given the increasing interest for natural gas as an alternative fuel for vehicles and the advantage of using it in its liquefied form (LNG) for heavy duty trucks, a lot of developments efforts have been made by the industry over the last 10 years in order to offer safe, efficient, ...