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  • equipment profile heat exchanger

    An introduction to...Plate-fin heat exchangers


    There may be many potential variations in process and mechanical design, but all cryogenic air separation plants rely on the humble heat exchanger at the heart of their operation.

  • TRI-SHARK control valve

    An introduction to...Control valves


    Often described as the final control element, the control valve is a critical piece of equipment in the management of conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature and liquid level and leakage. Control valves do so by partially opening or closing in response to signals received from process controllers that compare ...

  • cylinder

    An introduction to...Advanced cylinder guards


    A cylinder guard must provide the safe protection of the cylinder valve against impact. However, it has other important features which are often overlooked such as ergonomics, for the grip and handling of the bottle, and aesthetics for brand differentiation.

  • Gas mixer

    An introduction to...Gas mixers


    When it comes to the use of mixed gases, gas mixers are a very common and proven solution. Whether it be for welding applications, for modified atmosphere packaging, for burner supply or for medical applications, gas mixers provide a precise, flexible and reliable gas supply.

  • Sunfire boeing reversible electrolysis system

    An introduction to...Reversible electrolysis modules


    Imagine taking surplus renewable energy, water and ambient air and using them to produce hydrogen or hydrocarbons. Now flick a switch and use cheap natural gas or biogas to generate electricity. Imagine being able to do all this with a single module. This isn’t imagination – it’s reversible electrolysis.

  • GCE Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Portable oxygen concentrators in home oxygen therapy


    Long-term oxygen therapy is an established method of care for many patients with chronic respiratory disorders, there are various oxygen equipment used to deliver supplemental oxygen to patients, which include compressed oxygen cylinders, liquid oxygen systems, and oxygen concentrators.

  • Manifolds and modular bundles

    An introduction to...Modular bundles and manifolds


    Efficient to produce, ship, assemble and repair, the modular cylinder bundle is ‘green’ by default and considered by many to be the way forward in packaged gases.

  • Ball diverter valves

    An introduction to...Ball diverter valves


    The reliable function of a safety valve is not only influenced by ensuring the required performance. It is equally important to take into consideration the pressure losses in the safety valve supply line and outlet line. The generally recognised rule (ISO 4126-1) states that the pressure loss in the supply ...

  • Helium conditioning equipment, DEMACO valve box

    An introduction to...Helium conditioning equipment


    Helium is well known as a lifting gas in party balloons, but it has many more serious applications, such as in superconducting magnets, laser applications, leak detection, scientific equipment, gas-cooled reactors (GCR), and many more. The LHe equipment behind these research projects comes with its own challenges

  • Steam methane reformers – September 2014

    An introduction to...Steam vaporizers


    Steam sparged water bath vaporizers are an extremely effective way to provide vaporization for a diverse range of applications, and offer a high level of reliability where steam is available as a heat source. The vaporizers are designed in various sizes and in both vertical and horizontal configurations, to meet ...

  • Medical gas control hospital

    An introduction to...Medical gas cylinder valves


    Oxygen is synonymous with life in the world of medical gases. When compressed at 200 bar in a cylinder, it becomes a specialist’s matter to integrate advanced functions in a safe and reliable valve system. Here are some elements that should be taken into account when designing such a system. ...

  • Intermodal tank - Magazine September 2015

    An introduction to...Intermodal tank containers


    Intermodal tank containers have become a staple of bulk liquid logistics worldwide and they are well on the way to achieving similar prevalence where gas transport is concerned.

  • Ep logi co – CO2 safety systems – August 2015

    An introduction to...CO2 safety systems


    Having worked during the past 25 years with carbon dioxide (CO2) safety, it has been a fantastic trip within one of the most expanding industries that I know. The different applications and uses of CO2 are of a magnitude that is hard to match within the gas industry, while the ...

  • Co2 from biogas systems - July 2015

    An introduction to...CO2 from biogas systems


    More than 500 Dutch horticulturists depend on the continuous supply of clean carbon dioxide (CO2) through the OCAP (Organic Carbon Dioxide for Assimilation of Plants) pipeline for crop production. The main industrial suppliers, Shell Pernis and Abengoa, cannot always meet the CO2 demand, which creates a great need to increase ...

  • Onboard hydrogen storage valve – June 2015

    An introduction to...Onboard hydrogen storage valves


    Hydrogen is becoming one of the energy-carriers for the future. Due to big challenges facing society, like climate change, global warming, greenhouse gas reduction, and increasing city pollution, hydrogen could play a key role in the transition to renewable energy.

  • businessman pressing distribution equipment profile

    An introduction to...RFID supply chain technology


    With supply chain management increasingly significant to the industrial gases business, and project costs under such scrutiny in the oil and gas sector, the appetite for tracking technologies and asset management solutions only grows.

  • Ability engineering high pressure hydrogen purifier

    An introduction to...Hydrogen gas purifiers


    Hydrogen, once a gas more associated with the Hindenburg disaster, has found new life in technological applications within diverse industries such as petroleum, chemical, food, aviation, science, power generation, and manufacturing. Here we focus on some of the new uses of hydrogen gas, and the need for hydrogen gas ...

  • Generic argon cylinder valve

    An introduction to...Cylinder valves


    Compressed gas cylinders require the installation of at least one valve. A valve allows the cylinder to contain gases and allows gas to be filled into or emptied from the cylinder and is perhaps the most vulnerable part of the cylinder, requiring a thorough understanding to maximise its performance.

  • Specialty gases sampling

    An introduction to...Specialty gas analysers


    Specialty gases are widely used in a variety of industries. Because these gases are typically used in critical applications, they need to achieve a purity standard and contaminants need to be identified. Enter the world of specialty gas analysers.

  • HeliumDewars - January 2015

    An introduction to...Helium dewars


    From cutting and welding to electronics, aerospace and deep-sea diving to party balloons, helium has a wealth of applications in both gaseous and liquid form. Here we explore a crucial element in the storage of this product – helium dewars.