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  • MVS Engineering – November 2014

    An introduction to... In-situ nitrogen generation


    As an inert gas, nitrogen offers a wide range of capabilities to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Used predominantly during plant maintenance shutdown and start-up preparations, nitrogen purging and subsequent nitrogen leak testing form a critical path to the success of any project.

  • PSA medical oxygen generators – October 2014

    An introduction to...PSA medical oxygen generators


    Oxygen in the medical field has traditionally been produced centrally and then distributed in liquid form, or as a gas via cylinders, to the customer. An alternative and increasingly popular means of oxygen generation exists in the medical market, however, in the form of pressure swing adsorption (PSA).

  • Steam methane reformers – September 2014

    An introduction to...Steam methane reformers


    Hydrogen is widely used in the petroleum refining industry to remove impurities found in crude oil such as sulfur, olefins and aromatics to meet product fuels specifications. Removing these impurities allows fuels to burn cleaner and refineries to turn a lower quality crude oil into a profitable product that meets ...

  • August Dry Ice Cleaning

    An introduction to...Dry ice cleaning


    Dry ice (CO2) cleaning is an efficient and cost-effective way for industries to maximise production capability and quality. Dry ice cleaning uses recycled CO2 in the form of solid dry ice particles that are transported by high-velocity airflow to remove contaminates from surfaces.

  • July 2014 Equipment Profile Safety Hoses

    An introduction to...Safety hoses


    When incompatible parts are used together and hoses come loose from their fittings, the results can be devastating on workers and the surrounding environment. Add a confined space to the mix, and it can become fatal. In fact, a number of tragic incidents over recent months have highlighted just how ...

  • medical gases

    An introduction to...PSA technologies


    PSA technology relies on a process called adsorption, which is the tendency of gases to be drawn to solid surfaces when subjected to high pressure. Different surfaces attract different gases more strongly, meaning target-rich gases can be attained by selecting the most suitable material.

  • Lindoflamm acetylene burners, Linde

    An introduction to...Acetylene burner technology


    Lindoflamm acetylene burners are a global product introudced out of Germany by parent company Linde Gases and were developed in response to an increasing demand in the global fabrication industry for pre-heating prior to the welding process.

  • Sierra Instruments Bogas Device

    An introduction to...Biogas measurement devices


    As global oil prices remain high, countries around the globe are seeking renewable energy sources to increase energy efficiency and security. Among the sources of renewable energy is the production of biogas from landfill gas (LFG) or digester gas. This biogas boom has created an opportunity for industrial gas measurement ...

  • Laboratory specialty gases

    An introduction to...GC-MS in the food sector


    Food safety requires scientific monitoring to ensure the safe handling, preparation and storage of food. Quality and consistency are also primary outcomes in food production, which have driven the development of scientific food analysis methods and instrumentation to highly sophisticated levels.

  • Bestobell cryogenic valve

    An introduction to...Cryogenic valves


    As ship owners and builders look for more environmentally friendly fuel sources, LNG (liquefied natural gas) is an increasingly attractive option, which means the correct specification of cryogenic valve is vitally important.

  • Advanced Technology Liquefier

    An introduction to...Helium liquefiers


    There is a growing crisis in cryogenic research, and that crisis is liquid helium. Over the last few years, cryogenic researchers and research facilities have had to accept the fact that helium, so necessary for completing their work, has been in ever decreasing supply. And this dwindling supply has been ...

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum Omnistar

    An introduction to...Vacuum technology


    Choosing the right vacuum pump technology is important across a number of applications, not least in the semiconductor industry and as part of the specialty gases business.

  • Distribution, logistics, asset management

    An introduction to...Asset management software


    Digital capability is developing. For the industrial gases industry, this means a whole new platform in asset management and operational optimisation.

  • Gloor Bros medical gas outlet device

    An introduction to...Medical gas outlet devices


    As every application of medical gas requires a specific and well determined working pressure and/or a specific flowrate of the gas in question, the choice of the adequate equipment is vital for a successful application.

  • Rexarc manifold

    An introduction to...Manifold systems


    The concept of manifolding has been around in the welding, gases, and hardgoods industry for a long time. While it is a general term used in the compressed gas industry and can mean many things, this article focuses on manifolding at the customer site where gas is being distributed and ...

  • PEM Electrolysers

    An introduction to... PEM electrolysers


    Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis is the electrolysis of water in a cell equipped with a solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) that is responsible for the conduction of protons, separation of product gases, and electrical insulation of the electrodes.

  • Dry Ice Pelletisers

    An introduction to...Dry ice pelletisers


    Trends in the dry ice market demonstrate the demand for this product is growing. The continued rise of applications like dry ice blasting mean this upward curve will likely continue for years to come. All of which will drive demand for equipment such as the dry ice pelletiser.

  • Diaphragm compressors

    An introduction to... Diaphragm compressors


    Diaphragm compressors are the preferred choice when contamination-free and leak-tight gas compression is required.

  • Gas control manifold

    An introduction to...Bulk gas control manifolds


    In many industrial and medical applications there are reasons that specific pressure and flow control systems are required to meet the desired end-user parameters. There are a variety of custom configurations available to suit these varied requirements.

  • Combustible gas detection equipment.

    An introduction to...Combustible gas safety monitoring


    The two main technologies used today when designing combustible gas safety monitoring systems are infrared gas detection and catalytic bead gas detection. Both technologies reliably detect gas at or below the lower explosive limit (0-100% LEL).